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It's the final day to buy Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

In Lordran, the flow of time is distorted

The PC's original 'Prepare To Die' edition of Dark Souls will be removed from sale on STeam tomorrow, ahead of the launch of the mildly fancier Remastered edition, so buy now if you want it for posterity. Folks who own Prepare To Die will get a 50% discount on Remastered, but that'll still work out more expensive, so the reason to buy now would be to have the old version. Why might you want that if you've gone almost six years without it? Ah, well, y'know, I don't know the mysteries of your mind. Perhaps this is the final prod you need to check out some weird mod you saw. Or perhaps you collect delisted Steam games? People.

Dark Souls: Remastered isn't hugely changed over the original, sharpening up textures, fancying up lighting, and making minor tweaks including adding Dark Souls III-style password matchmaking, building an extra bonfire near the skeletal blacksmith, increasing the online player limit to six, letting people pop a load of consumables in one go, and such. Couple that with built-in support for resolution options that had to be modded into Prepare To Die and yeah, indicators are that it's probably the version you'll want to play.

But maybe you do want the original. This is RPS's official best RPG, after all. It's a fine piece of history in an industry which has a tendency to, uh, pull history from sale so it can sell a mildly improved new version. And Remastered may yet turn out to have some iffy changes. We don't know if all the weird and wonderful mods will even work with Remastered either. Hey, I'm just here to pass along the information.

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition is £20/€20/$20 on Steam. It will be removed from sale on Steam tomorrow, Wednesday the 9th, though it will of course remain in players' Steam libraries and be downloadable and playable. And keys bought from third-party sites will still work, obvs. Dark Souls: Remastered is coming on May 25th; if you own Prepare To Die on Steam, you'll get a 50% discount.

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