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Solium Infernum: The Complete Battle for Hell

From The RPS Archives

Normal service resumes tomorrow, at least if four men sleepily trying to remember how to login to our CMS counts as 'normal service'. In the meantime, pray enjoy Gameboys From Hell, one more vintage game diary from the RPS cellars.

For just shy of a couple of months in 2009 six arch-demons waged a war in hell. For just shy of a couple of weeks, four arch-demons wrote up their perspectives on the struggle. The resulting mass of writing works both as a multi-perspective narrative of a single, increasingly dramatic game, a review highlighting the game's merits and as an extended tutorial of exactly how six newbies came to understand one of 2009's most intriguing, subtle and just plain best games. If you've any interest in learning more about Solium Infernum, this is where to start. If you haven't any interest in Solium Infernum, this will hopefully start it.

The main pieces of the narrative are from RPS regulars Kieron and Quinns, and you'll find them dueling with one another in the RPS-hosted pieces. Scrofula and Poisoned Sponge started their pieces on their own blogs. Any or all of them can be read in isolation, but you'll get the most accurate view of the politicking and scheming if you devour them all.

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