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Firaxis Re-Making XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Oh good heavens, it's a good job Alec's in his recovery tank today. He'd be running in circles until he was sick. Firaxis have just revealed they're making a new version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

I presume they mean UFO: Enemy Unknown.

Some magazine or other has the news on their cover. Firaxis, they of Civilization of course, are "re-imagining" the classic game, at a time when its fans are spitting blood and teeth in fury at its FPS spin-off.

According to the magazine or whatever, this will be a proper strategy game. Steve Martin (no not that one) of Firaxis said,

"O pointy birds, o pointy pointy/ Anoint my head, anointy-nointy."

Wait, no, he said,

"It’s been a dream of ours to recreate X-COM with our unique creative vision. We’re huge fans of the original game and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-envision a game that is as beloved as X-COM. We were careful to keep XCOM: Enemy Unknown true to the elements that made X-COM such a revered game while delivering an entirely new story and gameplay experience for both die-hard X-COM fans and newcomers to the franchise."

Whether Sid Meier is on the project is not yet known. Cheers, Eurogamer.

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