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July 2011 Archive

    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Hard Reset: The PC-Only, "Old-School" FPS
    3. James Purefoy's Cardboard Children
    1. MLG's StarCraft 2 Anaheim Tourney, Live
    1. Edgy: Langdell's Nemesis Edge Edges To PC
    2. Frink: Free Brink DLC, Next Week
    3. Mentatal: Dune 2 Fan Remake Gets Multiplayer
    4. Sunshine & Tyranny: Tropico 4
    5. Goliath Wuvs David: Activision's Indie Compo
    6. NCSoft's New Game Reveal Revealed
    7. Oh Look, Heroes Of Newerth Is Free To Play
    8. Cyanide Computerising Confrontation
    9. Gears Of War: The Turn-Based Strategy Game
    10. Thoughts on E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy
    11. Duke Nukem's Four Guns Forever
    12. Minecraft's Endermen Are Creepy, Blinky
    13. Humble Bundle 3: Now With Free Minecraft
    14. Deus Ex Has Stealth Elements, You Know
    15. Role On: Avernum: Escape From the Pit
    1. Hands On With Men Of War: Vietnam
    2. Arise: Tribes Ascend Screenshots
    3. Rage: "The Enemies" Trailer
    4. From Dust Doesn't Have 'Always Online' DRM
    5. Hands On: Serious Sam Double D
    6. The Second Bit Of Metro: Last Light Footage
    7. RPS Asks: Are You A Game Photographer?
    8. Black Gold: Oil Rush Is Surprising
    9. Streum On Studio Explain E.Y.E.
    10. It's Only War: Space Marine Cinematic
    11. The End For The Red Faction Series?
    1. Impressions: From Dust
    2. The Strange Fate Of Dirt 3's Asia DLC
    3. Do You Play League Of Legends? Speak!
    4. Impressions: Chantelise
    5. Revolution! Deus Ex 3 Is Finished
    6. Ubisoft's Driver: SanFran Has Always-On DRM
    7. Commanding Shepard: Jennifer Hale Speaks
    8. Chaos All-Stars: Space Marine Hands-On
    9. The Fade: Dragon Age II Gone From Steam
    10. EA's Non-GAAP Figures: PC Beating Consoles
    11. E.Y.E. Trailers Are Of Varying Quality
    12. Parody Pack: Duke DLC Detailed
    1. "Stalker Soup", Narodnaya Solyanka
    2. Right Honourable: Prime Minister's Questions
    3. VVVVVV v2.0: Now With Added Notch
    4. None More Bundley: Humble Bundle 3 Is Go
    5. Wee: Stronghold 1 Free With Stronghold 3
    6. Reaping The Benefits: Darksiders 2 Preview
    7. Edge Of Our Seats: The Return Of Dr Langdell
    8. Czech Veterans Form New Studio, Warhorse
    9. Super Meat Boy's Cryptic Follow-Up
    10. Mining 101: Learn To Play Dwarf Fortress
    11. Fresh SW:TOR Video Contains Pith, Sith
    12. Analyst Breaks Satire Barrier, Become Parody
    13. It's Alive: Dead Cyborg
    1. Earthshattering Shock: From Dust PC Delayed
    2. BioWare: SW:TOR Will Still Be Going In 2025
    3. Interview: Carmageddon's Comeback
    4. FAO Volition/THQ, Re. Saints Row Marketing
    5. The Cursed Crusade Is A Game
    6. Epic Fail: Bulletstorm Flops (But Unreal Lives)
    7. Eurogamer Retro: Driv3r, Also: Comments
    8. Speed Dating: Pick A New FemShep
    9. Tell Me There's A Heaven: Minecraft's Aether
    10. Chantelise Demo, Chantelise Release Date
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Behold: Comic-Con Skyrim Footage
    3. Cardboard Children: Metal Gear Thrones
    1. Extruded: Intruded
    2. The RPS Verdict: The Witcher 2
    3. A New Suit Of Clothes For GamersGate
    4. Secret Wars: Mirror's Edge vs Spider-Man
    5. RPS Asks: What Book Should Be A Game?
    6. Rues De La Colère: The Asskickers Demo
    7. Cold Comfort: The Supreme Ruler Demo
    8. "Obeying Traffic Rules": Bus Driver Demo
    9. The Old Republic: This Year, For Deffo
    10. Arkham City Plays Host To Penguin
    11. Id Detail Rage's Open World, Again
    12. Australia's Move To An R18+ System
    13. Driver's Bizarro "Shift" Power Explained
    1. Augmentation Bad? Deus Ex: HR Trailer
    2. Tell Us: How Long Is A Game Of String?
    3. Holy [BLEEP]: Gotham City Imposters Trailer
    4. Maybe I Was: Born To Fire?
    5. The Witcher 2 Gets Witchier Too (Patch 1.3)
    6. Just Cause 2 Ignoro Gallery, Just 'Cause
    7. Quickly, Catch 7 Minutes Of Battlefield 3
    8. You All Have The Bridge: Artemis 1.5
    9. Team Fortress 2: Dough, Ray-Guns, Me
    10. Bill Willingham To Work On Telltale's Fables?
    11. Origin Charging £45 For SW:TOR Pre-Orders!
    1. First Impressions Of Runespell: Overture
    2. Wot I Think: New Vegas: Old World Blues
    3. Take Dictation: Tropico 4 Screenshot Gallery
    4. DA2 Expand-O-Pack: Better, Tougher, Morer
    5. Oi, Remember LOTR: War In The North!
    6. Rumour: Is This Star Wars TOR's Spec Ed?
    7. Disorient Express: Rail Sim Semantics
    8. Da Darkness Deux Delayed
    9. A Tale of The Book Of Unwritten Tales
    10. Putting PvP First: Hailan Rising
    11. Only 18% Of Mass Effect Players Play Female
    12. A-Fforde-able Adventure (It's Free!)
    13. Card Hunter: Irrational Co-Founder Goes Solo
    14. Zeboyd PC Sales Leave XBLIG In The Dust
    1. Recall Concept Is Time-Controlling FPS
    2. Auto Club Revolution Beta From 25th
    3. Relic Detail Delicious Ulthwe DLC Pack
    4. Impressions: Wyv & Keep
    5. Dots of War... Supreme Ruler: Cold War
    6. Write Graffiti For Serious Sam 3: BFE
    7. Now Playing: Spotify Game Soundtracks
    8. Arma 2: The Player News Report
    9. Red Grockets Where? A New TF2 Mystery
    10. Rapture In Paper: The Bioshock Novel
    11. Shock: Call Of Juarez - The Cartel PC Delayed
    12. Exclusive! Size Five's New Game: The Swindle
    13. Wot I Think: Dungeons of Dredmor
    14. Beachy: War Inc. Battlezone Open Beta
    15. Sneak Peek: Project Stealth
    16. Futuremark Announce Unstoppable Gorg
    17. Bastion Launch Trailer, But No PC Date
    18. Retail Market Kept Ghost Recon Off PC-Only
    1. Organic Minecraft: Lords of Uberdark
    2. First-Person Winger: Hockey?
    3. HARDBACK: Andy McNab To Write BF3 Book
    4. Toot Toot: Steam Speeds Up, Teases DoTA2
    5. Pay What You Want For Fotonica Download
    6. Interview: Tomb Raider's Karl Stewart
    7. Gaming Guilt: Sweatshop
    8. Stop Everything And Explore: Small Worlds
    9. BIFF: Batman Arkham City Collector's Edition
    10. Super Meat Boy Sells 12 Copies On D2D?
    11. Bonus Witcheriness For No-Pennies
    12. Eurogamer Retro: Tomb Raider Legend
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: You're In Space
    2. Ed McMillen Annouces The Binding Of Isaac
    1. Pitched Battle: Mount & Blade Glasgow
    2. Undying: Vampire Bloodlines Patched Anew
    3. Worlds of Warcraft: Cross-Realm Dungeons
    4. COD Elite Mugs For The Camera
    5. Impressions: Dungeons of Dredmor
    6. No News: Tomb Raider: The New One
    7. The RPS Xbox Indie Outreach Program
    8. Spelunky: Now Mac Gamers Can Spelunk Too
    9. Explodemon! Sees The Light
    10. The RPS Social Club Returns Tomorrow
    11. Watcha Doin'?
    1. The Cursed Crusade Gets Demonic, Dated
    2. A Smurf In Terraria: Part Three
    3. Hey, Let's Inspect Rage's Arsenal
    4. Love Is A Battlefield
    5. The First Bit Of Metro: Last Light Footage
    6. Gaze At The Baconing's New Screenshots
    7. Katamari Creator To Work On Glitch MMO
    8. Free Puzzling: Puzzle Moppet Awareness Day
    9. No Demo For Skyrim: Too Big, Too Complex
    10. Dig This: Dig-N-Rig
    11. Cities XL 2012 Will Have Mods, Buildings
    12. Daylight Robbery: Payday The Heist Screens
    13. Tech Supported: Hard Reset
    1. Computer Reads Manual, Plays Civ
    2. Saints Row 3 Loses Last Vestiges Of Sanity
    3. A Tale Of Tails: The Cat And The Coup
    4. Dawn Of War 3: "Custom Mega Armies"
    5. Hip To Be A Square: Critical Mass Demo
    6. EA's Latest Shutdowns Barely Touch PC
    7. Knickers Twisted About Win 8 and Xbox 360
    8. Pirates and Nobles Invade the Sims Medieval
    9. Wot I Think: Cthulhu Saves The World
    10. Mass Exodus: Bioware Senior Dev Joins LoL
    11. 2K: Strategy Games "Not Contemporary"
    12. Deus Excess: 30 Mins Of Human Revolution
    13. Another Impressive Half-Life 2 Movie
    14. Planetside 2 Will Have Free Component, Shop
    1. Bejeweled: EA Buying PopCap For $750m
    2. Lords of the Realm: The Mad God's Makers
    3. Black Prophecy Expands, Americanises
    4. Whisper: Deus Ex HR Gets Conspiratorial
    5. Revealed: Gratuitous Tank Battles
    6. A Dance With Dates: Stronghold 3 Changes
    7. Russian In: Red Orchestra 2 Screenshots
    8. A Game Of A Game Of Thrones: New Screens
    9. Lend A Few Squid To Octodad 2
    10. The Secret World's Strange Lack Of Levels
    11. Trans-Lunar: Kerbal Space Program
    12. TOR Was An Accomplice In Galaxies' Death
    13. Off Kilter: Sky Island
    14. We Appear To Have Reached An: Impasse
    15. Playing Dead: Limbo Interview
    16. Robots Vs Robots: Mini Robot Wars
    17. Hearty: Meet The Medic Outtakes
    1. Dishonored Honours Us With Details
    2. RPS Says "Sorry" For Phone Hacking
    3. Tanks Across Europe: Panzer Corps Out Now
    4. Not A Carrey In the World: Arkham 2's Riddler
    5. Ramblings of the Mad God, Day 4: Injustice
    6. Impotent: New Cargasm Footage
    7. Bombhands: Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack
    8. Manhunt 2 PC No Longer Available Anywhere
    9. All The Games: Steam Sale Ends Today
    10. On The Blob: Slime Laboratory
    11. Mark Rein Says PC Has "Shot By" Consoles
    12. Tree-Killers: The Valve Comic Collection
    13. Digital Battlefield: No Steam Release For BF3?
    1. Stumbling On: Project Zomboid On Steam?
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: The Return
    1. Limbo Confirmed For August 2nd
    2. Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC Footage
    3. Pirates Of The Black Cove Gets A Demo!
    4. Revelatory: From Dust Arriving July 27th
    5. The Return To Auraxis: Planetside 2
    6. Planetside 2: Eve-Style Skills, No Instancing
    7. Street-Cleanin' Man: Street Cleaning Simulator
    8. Project Mimicry Is A Sandbox Game
    9. Exclusive: Serious Sam 3 Headless Kamikaze
    10. Battlefield Features Revealed, Intriguing
    11. Crikey: 3D Printing In And Out Of Minecraft
    12. EnvironMental: A New Beginning Demo
    13. Bioshock Infinite: The Full E3 Demonstration
    14. Planetside 2: First Screens, Video
    1. Section 8's Infographical Boasting
    2. Sanctum Gets 4-Player Co-op, 75% Off
    3. Ramblings Of The Mad God, Day 3: Patience
    4. Skyscraping The Barrel: Rage's "The Dawn"
    5. Bioshock Infinite: Gillen vs Levine
    6. Dark'n'Ion Stormy: Arkane's Dishonored
    7. Lucky: Seven Minutes Of Call Of Juarez
    8. Ragnar Tørnquist On The Secret World: Part 2
    9. Civilizing Facebook: CivWorld Is Live
    10. Content Wars: Origin/Steam Scuffle Unfolds
    11. Men Of War: Sequels And Souvenirs
    12. Epic Loot: Torchlight Sells A Million
    13. Rise Of The Immortals Has Risen
    14. Valve Offer L4D2 DLC Early If Players... Uh Oh
    15. The Secret World's Wee-Based Cinematic
    1. "Time Went Mad": Elder Scrolls IV: Andoran
    2. Interview: Blossom Minds On Life After Eden
    3. Hands On With Guild Wars 2
    4. A Million Knights Can't Be Wrong
    5. Hey, Let's All Play Snailiad
    6. Ragnar Tørnquist On The Secret World: Part 1
    7. The Secret World Has A Savage Coast
    8. Elderer: Skyrim For PC Detailed By Bethesda
    9. 12 Minutes In Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    10. Tentacular: The Darkness II Preview
    11. Orson Scott Card Writing Firefall's Story
    12. Indies: Enter Eurogamer Expo Indie Arcade!
    13. Battlefield 3: No Plans For Modding Tools
    1. PlanetSide 2 Annoucement Due Thursday
    2. The Beginning Of: The End
    3. Mein Gott A Demo! Star Ruler Comes Through
    4. The Asskickers = Punching Frenchmen
    5. What Is Positech's Mystery Game "GTB"?
    6. What's Going On? PC Gaming Trends 2011
    7. Rockstar & Team Bondi Part Ways?
    8. Ramblings of The Mad God, Day 1: Folly
    9. Hit Or Myth: The Secret World Preview
    10. No More Star Wars: CCP Declares Peace
    11. Eden Games Devs Create Blossom Minds
    12. Twisted Pixel 'Sploding Back Onto PC?
    13. Hi-Rez Boasts Of F2P Successes
    1. So Long & Thanks For All The Words, Quinns
    2. Announcing: Quindependence Day
    3. Ibb And Obb Give Quinns A Headache
    4. Be Lucky: Fortune Summoners
    5. BOOM! The RPS Social Club Rides Again
    6. Michael Gove Has Heard Of Videogames
    7. The GTFO GTA Graphics Mod
    8. 12 Minutes of Batmens & Catwomens
    9. Wot I Think: Alpha Polaris
    10. This Just In: Bioware Unsure On Tali's Face
    11. Mired And Admired: Off-Road Drive
    12. The Strange Fate Of Games For Windows Live
    13. Second Symphony: Portal 2 Soundtrack 2
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Not Cardboard Children: Tobago
    2. Gaming Made Me: Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    1. To Battle! Empire & Napoleon Made Moddable
    2. Brain Bending: Torsion
    3. Fever Fray: First Fray Screens, Interview
    4. Realm Of The Mad God Has Ruined Me
    5. America Is Not The World: XCOM Preview
    6. Win All Three Dungeon Sieges!
    7. Wot I Think: Puzzle Agent 2
    8. (We Think) Brink Slinks Back To UK Steam
    9. You Should Be Reading: Matul Remrit
    10. WIN: Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
    11. BioShock Infinite E3, The First Two Minutes
    12. DC Universe Gets Microtransaction Shop
    13. My Secret "Magical Diary" Diary
    14. Bethesda Presents Rage's "Legacy Of Id"