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Auto Club Revolution Beta From 25th

To my perception, "Auto Club Revolution" sounds like some kind of political movement whereby wrongdoers and malcontents are followed by implacable robots and automatically beaten about the head with a length of something heavy whenever they act for the worse. Back on the sober roads of reality, it is actually a game about shiny cars wot go fast. Auto Club Revolution, that's the website. That is where you apparently have limited time to sign up to the closed beta which begins on the 25th of this month.

Why would you do such a thing? Well because the game is a promising-looking online-racing thing that will allow to pimp out a garage full of cars. Eutechnyx's Jason Collins explains: “The workshop in Closed Beta is just a flavour of the style and presentation of how players will modify their cars. When the focus and scope of testing changes more features will be added giving players even more customisation, modification and upgrade options for their cars.” And we all like options. Fortunately for us there will also be an open beta to follow.

To conclude this news post I have, for no good reason, also posted seven more pictures and a trailer of Auto Club's shiny cars, below.

The actual reason I posted seven images is that my cursory search of the internet turned up no videos of the game in action. There probably are some, but I want to go and stand in the sunshine before I die of Being Inside For Ten Years. You'll have to look at each of these pictures really quickly instead. Try just buzzing them past your eyes with your mousewheel... any good? No?


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