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Sneak Peek: Project Stealth

I'm not sure where the burst of attention for Project Stealth has come from, but we've had a few emails about it over the past few days. The fact is that game has been in development for several years now, and the last video (below) was released for GamesCom in 2009. Is there life in the old sneaker?

Yes. It does still seem to be underway. The team are still updating, and the forums are alive.

So what is it? Well, do you remember Splinter Cell's asymmetric multiplayer? It was quite good. It pitched sneaky espionage types against heavily armed guards, making for an interesting tactical experience. And it does rather spring to mind when you read the description of Project Stealth, which is - or will be - a free, standalone UDK-powered multiplayer game:

"There are two teams with two players each: one team is characterized by heavily armored and relatively slow elite Mercenaries with powerful guns. The other team consists of high-tech, agile, atlethic and fast Spies with non-lethal weapons. The Mercs have mines, grenades, camnets, gasmask etc. and three vision modes (normal, EMF, movement detector). The Spies have got flashbangs, smoke grenades, heartbeat sensor, camo suit, noise emitters etc. and their own three vision modes (normal, nightvision, thermal vision). Mercs have a first person view and will play like a regular shooter with gadgets, while spies will have a third person view and will play more like a third-person action game."

Needless to say, hilarity is supposed to ensue. This familiar feeling is no bad thing, either. Getting this kind of multiplayer right could be brilliant, and the game already has a busy community supporting it. We'll look forward to seeing more as Project Stealth develops. If it develops.

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