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Sunshine & Tyranny: Tropico 4

Tropico games seem to be arriving just a little too quickly all of a sudden, but no matter. Amidst the torrent of free to play MMOs and grimdark shooters, a dose of sun, tyranny of economy management is really very appealing. So it's good to hear that Tropico 4 has an exact release date - and one that's pretty much exactly a year on from its announcement, so we're hardly in any kind of dark about how long it's been in development for.

Did you work it out? You could have done, if you'd bothered to use our tags system. Imagine how proud you've have been. And we'd have been. Now, we can barely stand to look at you.

So: the game's out on August 30 this year. This is via its new website World of Tropico, which sounds alarmingly like an MMO that someone will eventually make. Actually, that sounds pretty good. Caribbean dictators trying to outdo each other in terms of tourism and cruelty? Could be fun. For now though, it's Tropico 4, which is a straight sequel to the last game as far as I can tell.

No new trailer as yet, so here's a repeat of the E3 one:

Cover image for YouTube video

As some have observed, that looks quiiite similar to Tropico 3. Hopefully there's plenty of new stuff going on under the hood, however. I know it's got a Council of Ministers, which you can cheerfully staff with the most corrupt people you can find in order to further your own dark agenda, a bunch of new natural disasters including volcanoes, droughts and tornadoes, plus - hey- the ability to tweet from in-game. Because if there's something the world needs more of, it's tweeting.

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