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Edgy: Langdell's Nemesis Edge Edges To PC

If there's been one downside to John's splendid coverage of the seemingly never-ending Tim Langdell saga, it's that it's only very tenuously related to PC games (the indie uprising and his ultimately doomed attempt to take on EA's Mirror's Edge were our prior justifications). Now, total relevancy has been achieved. Mobigame, the indie dev whose iPhone game Edge was what originally brought Langdell's trademark trolling regarding the common English word 'edge' to public light, are now making the move onto PC. Specifically, with Edge itself.

The well-received puzzle game is due to arrive on Steam (plus the Mac App Store) on August 11 - safely under its original, snappy, one-word name, rather than the various variations Langdell had attempted to force on it.

A Dutch dev called Two Tribes has given it a spit and polish, adding higher resolutions and whatnot, so rest assured it will look like a PC game and not just an embiggened iPhone game (as hopefully demonstrated in the pic above).

Take a look at the game that caused such a stink - and hopefully helped save a word from tyranny - below.

Cover image for YouTube video

I'm hoping they bring their follow-up game, Perfect Cell, to PC too. While admittedly very much designed for touch-screen, this action-puzzle tale of an evolving alien lifeform violently escaping from the human labs it was imprisoned it is a much more interesting game than Edge, to my mind. Shame it didn't have an equally litigation-drawing name in order to attract headlines. They should have called it Perfect FIFA or Activision Cell or something.

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