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Epic Loot: Torchlight Sells A Million

A million is a big number. For instance, if you put a million hairbrushes in a pile end to end it would reach Pluto. That's not true, but it serves as a useful illustration for a million being a big number. Still not got it? Well, imagine a tennis ball. Now imagine a million of them. See, that's a lot of tennis balls! Also, Torchlight has sold a million copies.

The action RPG tipped over the barrier thanks to a Steam sale this week, meaning that across PC, Mac and something called the "Xbox", it joins the millionaires club. The game's been on sale for shy of two years, with attention coming its way again of late thanks to the 360 release, and the impending nature of the multiplayer sequel. Travis Baldree, Runic's president, excitedly gabbled,

"We're very excited to share Torchlight’s success with our fans and supporters. It’s been a great ride so far and we can’t wait to give everyone more of what they want in Torchlight II. It isn’t every day you sell a million games. We’re grateful to be here."

Well, that's true unless you're Mojang of course. A day when they don't sell a million copies of Minecraft is considered a failure.

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