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December 2011 Archive

    1. The Player (Who Is Gillen) Of Games 2011
    2. Gaming Made Us
    3. Eurogamey Writey: Saints Row The Third
    4. RPS' New Year's Resolutions
    1. Planetside: The 1%
    2. Closure & Colonization
    3. ErotiSim: Sex & The Sims
    4. The Flare Path: Tracks, Tracks, & Turnpikes
    1. Ancient TF2: The Complete Go Team!
    2. A Farewell To Eve: The Complete 5 Year Spree
    3. The Complete Rules For Games
    4. The 'Complete' A Smurf In Terraria
    1. The Complete Fool In Morrowind
    1. The Games of Christmas '11: Day 26
    1. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 24
    2. The Amazing RPS Advent Calendar 2011!
    1. EVE: A New Regime
    2. Thy Fractals Shine So Brightly: Polynomial
    3. A Smoother Skyrim For Christmas
    4. Up! Air Buccaneers HD Preview Available
    5. STALKER: "There Is Cause For Hope"
    6. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 23
    7. The Drunk & The Orderly: Risen 2's Factions
    8. The Flare Path: Hinge Of Fate
    9. Level With Me, Level With Me.
    10. Kingdoms of Amalur's Handsome Combat
    11. An Englishman's Home: Mysterious Castle
    12. Level With Me, Richard Perrin.
    13. Hacked, Survived: Rift
    14. Oh My Gawd It's Oh My Game
    1. On Being Evil In Star Wars: The Old Republic
    2. Grapple With Selective Gravity: Abandoned
    3. Riot Talk Champions And Fortnightly Content
    4. Squee: Spider Crossings On Quake Live
    5. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 22
    6. Direct2Drive 2Be Eaten By GameFly
    7. The Old Republic Really Loves Queues
    8. US Army CryEngine Sim Looks Fancy
    9. You Say Du-Bye And I Say Hell-O: Spec Ops
    10. It's A Bit Good: Left 4 Dead - Impulse 76
    11. Why Is SWTOR Down During Europe's Day?
    12. Not Ruble Trouble? Rubble Trouble Moscow
    13. If Wheatley Had Won: Portal 2 VGA Vid
    14. World Of Tanks: Free Tanks And Stuff
    15. Planetside 2 Site Launches, Beta Sign Up
    1. Fry Your Brain For Xmas: Waves Updates
    2. Monaco Is Multiplayer
    3. Humble Grumbles / Bundle Of Joy
    4. Doctoral: Bioware Lecture At BAFTA
    5. Winter's Already Here, Silly: Game Of Thrones
    6. On A Boat: Ad-Hoc RPG Velvet Sundown
    7. Hooray! A Skyrim UI Mod: SkyUI
    8. Hedone Getsone New Trailer
    9. Buy One Ship, Get Two Free
    10. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 21
    11. Dead Island Best Selling New IP. Probably.
    12. Aces Higher: World Of Warplanes Explained
    13. Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Is Non-Physical
    14. Dungeon Defenders Delves DLC (For Free)
    15. Star Wars Galaxies: The Final Moments
    16. BioWare: SWTOR Queues Are Here To Stay
    1. Sneaky Skyrim 1.3.1 Patch Supports 4GB RAM
    2. Meanwhile... A Tour Of Revamped Everquest II
    3. Doctor Who: Worlds In Time Semi-Launches
    4. Somehow Released: The Old Republic
    5. The Monster Mash: Geneforge Saga
    6. Headline With A ?: Company of Heroes Sequel?
    7. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 20
    8. Hold Onto Your Hats, Bats: Winter Walk
    9. The Darkness II Co-Op Contains Festive Fun
    10. Be Brutally Murdered By Max Payne
    11. Rock Of Ages Develops Christmas Cheer
    12. (Almost) Free Toy: Windosill For A Cent
    13. Holy Sale: Warner Steam Bundle Is A Bit Good
    14. Bangs For Your Bucks: Renegade Ops DLC
    1. Reprogramming The Dog: Oíche Mhaith
    2. Steam Holiday Sale Is On, And Involved
    3. Opinion: Me And CDP On Legal Threats
    4. They Are All Alone: Ludum Dare Picks
    5. King Arthur II: The Screenshots Of Snore
    6. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day 19
    7. Car Wot Goes Free: F1 Online Beta
    8. Terraria Adds Snowmen, Shivs And Santa
    9. Roll Playing: Cobalt Alpha Impressions
    10. Snow > Gruff Men: Skyrim Is UK Xmas #1
    11. Minecraft But Not: Minicraft
    12. Le Remorque Pour Les Kingdoms Of Amular
    1. E-Sporting Chance: HuK-HuK-HuK!
    2. The Games Of Christmas '11: Day 18
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: The Dragon & George
    2. Trine 2 Demonstrated, On Macputer Too!
    3. TERA Has A "Revolutionary" Political System
    4. The Games Of Christmas '11: Day 17
    5. The MMOnitor: Allods Online
    6. Help: Bloodlust: Vampire Shadowhunter
    7. Legolas At last: Lego Lord Of The Rings
    8. For God's Sake: Deity
    1. Trackmania 2, Now With More Toilets
    2. Clone Wars Adventures, However, Expands
    3. Crysis 2, Witcher 2, FIFA 12 In Yer Browser
    4. Helihatred And Cannibalism: Prototype 2
    5. Guild Wars 2 Has A Beta & You're Not On It
    6. The Games of Christmas ’11: Day 16
    7. Doublefine's Stacking Is Coming To PC!
    8. Epic Inventor Has A Bright Future
    9. The Flare Path: Pretty Pleas
    10. NFSW: Choose Your Own Adventure Trailer
    11. Think Of The (Infected) Children: Amy
    12. Dohvakeen: Skyrim Breaks Steam Records
    13. Star Wars Galaxies Is Over
    14. AdditionAlan: Remedy On Couches, GFWL
    15. Fishing For Chips: Syndicate's Tech Wars
    16. Team Fortress 2 Gets Wintery Update
    1. X3: Albion Prelude's Sumptuous Spacestuff
    2. Stellar Impact Is Still Worth Exploring
    3. Pirate Galaxy Flags Nebulous Update
    4. Max Payne 3's Multiplayer Explained
    5. Thrust For Life: Lunar Flight
    6. Indie Fund Talk Q.U.B.E. And Dear Esther
    7. Potions And Pitfalls: My Year In Roguelikes
    8. The Games of Christmas '11: Day 15
    9. On Tilt: Terra - The Legend Of The Geochine
    10. Free Hedonism: Hedone EU Key Giveaway
    11. Matrix Games' Seasonal Strategy Sale
    12. CD Projekt Threatening Alleged Pirates
    13. Fancy Shootin': Sniper Elite V2 Trailed
    14. Telltale Also Working On Law & Order Game
    1. C&C: The Browser Game: The Trailer
    2. Will We Stroll the Boulevards Of IndieCity?
    3. Yes, Guild Wars 2 Will Be Mesmerising
    4. Alan Wake PC: The First Interview
    5. Got 99 Problems But The Bundle Ain't One
    6. Alan Wake PC: Really Real, Early 2012
    7. The Fumbled RPS Bundle
    8. LittleBigBunchLaunchesAtLast
    9. Hands On: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    10. The Games of Christmas ’11: Day 14
    11. Browse'n'Bash: C&C Tiberium Alliances
    12. Nuclear Dawning For Free This Weekend
    13. Aion Flying Free: F2P From February
    14. A Lot Less Conversation: ME 3's MegaWorm
    15. Jonesing For Some Indie: Bit Of Alright
    16. Drakensang Online Adds "Agile" Rangers
    17. The Latest Humble Is Quite The Bundle
    1. Assassin's Creed Rev Adds In The Ancestors
    2. Impressions: The Wreckless
    3. The Games of Christmas '11: Day 13
    4. Cobalt May Well Be Out This Friday
    5. Postmodern Wives' Tale: Pirouette
    6. Headline With A ? In It: Alan Wake On PC?
    7. Next Humble Bundle Leaks, Is A Goodun
    8. Alice Doesn't Live Here: BigHead Bash
    9. Impressions: These Robotic Hearts Of Mine
    10. Mud, Sweat And Gears: Dirt Showdown
    11. Rock And Road: Bust-N-Rush
    1. A Switch In Time Saves Line: Swift*Stitch
    2. And Also: Free Empire Earth On GoG
    3. An Indie Bundle Before Dying
    4. Stalker 2: A Light In The Wasteland
    5. Diggle Deities: Dungeons Of Dredmor DLC
    6. Void: A Potential Idea For A Portal 3?
    7. "Theoretically": Garriott On Ultima Comeback
    8. The Games of Christmas '11: Day 12
    9. A Life In PC Gaming: My Shame
    10. Scavengers Assemble: Fortnite
    11. Shooter Nexuiz Being Remade, Published
    12. Valve VGA Vid Appears To Offer HL3 Clues
    13. Rainbow Six: Patriots - #OccupyClancy
    14. Horse Armour Been Laid Off: On Skyrim DLC
    15. Death Offers No Peace: Darksiders II
    16. Hitman: Absolution, When Subtitles Attack
    17. Up Against The Wall: Vertigo
    1. BioShock: Infinite - I Find It Kind Of Sad
    2. #indieVisibilty End Of Year Indie Awards
    3. The Games of Christmas '11: Day 11
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. Oh, And There's A Diablo 3 Cinematic
    6. Bioware's New Game Is C&C Generals 2
    7. Epic Announce "Explore"-y Game: Fortnite
    1. On The Importance Of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
    2. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day Ten
    3. This Could Be Leaked Stalker 2 Art
    4. Skyrim's Greatest Mystery Explored
    5. Also: Dukem Nukem DLC On Tuesday
    6. Bastion To Get "The Stranger's Dream" DLC
    1. Peggle 2 Is Pretty Much Confirmed
    2. Get Out Of Here: GSC Closure "Confirmed"
    3. Skyrim: Naked Friday In Whiterun
    4. But: Unstoppable Gorg Must Be Stopped
    5. Bird Watching: The Pigeon Dating Sim
    6. Wot I Think: Trine 2
    7. They'll Be Queueing Up For Q.U.B.E.
    8. The Flare Path: Custer's Last Cake Stand
    9. Up, Up And Free To Play: Tribes: Ascend
    10. Mass Effect 3: Shepard's Dynamic Stabbing
    11. You're Kid-ding: Bastion In Your Browser
    12. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day Nine
    13. Borderlands 2 Has Better Guns, Apparently
    14. Games Are Cool - Dr Who: The Eternity Clock
    15. The Dark Mod Update, Aiming For Standalone
    16. Look, It's Time To Confront Confrontation
    1. Jagged Alliance BIA Finally Gets Trailer
    2. OnLive Offers PC Games On Your Phone
    3. Dear Esther Arrives February 14th, At $10
    4. Crikey: Left 4 Dead Fan Film Trailer
    5. Mimimi's Tink Wins Exciting Award!
    6. Now Proximal: At A Distance
    7. Hey Bethesda, Could You Fix Skyrim?
    8. The Games Of Christmas ’11: Day Eight
    9. A Valley With Multiplayer Co-Op Testing
    10. Not So Far, Far Away: The Old Republic
    11. So Fresh: Rift Promises "Instant" Adventure!
    12. Brrrrmmmmmmmm: GTR3 Is Now A Thing
    1. To The PratCave! Gotham City Imposters
    2. Patch Perk: Skyrim Levels Up To 1.3
    3. Surprise! A New X3 Expansion Beams In
    4. Serious Sam's DRM Is A Giant Pink Scorpion
    5. Lo! Warlock: Master of the Arcane Closed Beta
    6. The Ultimate Battle? Dragons Vs. Unicorns
    7. The Games Of Christmas '11: Day Seven
    8. My First Day On Patrol With: Police Force
    9. Good Grief: Yet Another Indie Bundle
    10. APB Reloaded Is Reloaded (Onto Steam)
    11. Flatout 3: "20,000 Fully Destructible Objects"
    12. Santa Leaving Presents On Killing Floor
    13. The Secret World Reveals What's For Desert
    14. Arkham Pretties: Nanananananana Patchman!
    15. Again With The Indie Bundles
    1. Wot I Think: Achtung Panzer - Operation Star
    2. And Now I'm Excited About Pid
    3. Ludocraft Explain Air Buccaneers HD
    4. Back To Front(ier): Pioneer
    5. The Darkness II Gets 4-Player Co-Op Reveal
    6. Good Old Games' Decent New Sale
    7. Massive Botanicula Screenshot Gallery
    8. Don't Pine For Trine 2
    9. Hands On: Botanicula
    10. The Games Of Christmas '11: Day Six
    11. The Lengest Journey: Mountains Of Madness
    12. Up And At 'Em: Tribes Ascend
    1. If You Strike It Down... Galaxies Reborn?
    2. Beta Blockers: Minecraft Turns Lego
    3. Getting Tanked: Steel Armour: Blaze Of War
    4. A Playing Of Roles: Game Of Thrones
    5. PC On TV: Showing Off For Fun & Profit
    6. EA Origin Bans: Update Edition
    7. Onwards Is Upwards: Against The Wall
    8. The Games of Christmas ’11: Day Five
    9. Byte vs Brick: Week Ending Dec 4
    10. Bigging It Up: Wargame European Escalation
    11. Image Break Down: Project CARS
    12. Chums In Conquer: C&C Alliances Rumoured
    1. E-Sporting Chance: Hacking Dreams
    2. The Games of Christmas '11: Day Four
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Dust Tactics
    2. Details Emerge For Obsidian South Park RPG
    3. Stronghold 3 Patch Adds "Free-Build Panel"
    4. The Games of Christmas '11: Day Three
    5. Looking For People To Game With?
    6. The MMOnitor: Rift
    7. Defense Grid To Get GLaDOS Expansion
    8. Experimental Gameplay In A Swimming Pool
    9. Perpetuum Is One Year Old, Expands
    1. Test Pilots Wanted: Microsoft Flight
    2. Would You Kindly Play Depict1?
    3. RPS Asks: Games For The Weekend?
    4. Notch No Longer Minecraft Lead Designer
    5. Kerbal Space Program Aims For The Stars
    6. Look! Mass Effect 3 Combat Skills Videofilm
    7. The Games Of Christmas '11: Day Two
    8. The Flare Path: Simkhana 2012
    9. Go, Go, Go: CS:GO Footage (Go!)
    10. Wot I Think - Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    11. Death And Distortion: Teleglitch
    12. Battlefield Heroes Is All About The Giving
    13. Skyrim To Receive Strong Mod Support
    14. End Of Nations Beta, "Wacky" Weekly Video
    15. Seriously: Obsidian Making South Park RPG
    1. Brink Free Weekend Is This Weekend / Now
    2. Saints Row: The Third Knows All Our Sins
    3. Air Buccaneers HD Mystery, Classic Server Up
    4. So... You Can Look At Syndicate's Guns
    5. Damsel Makes Distress: Hyper Princess Pitch
    6. The Games Of Christmas '11: Day One
    7. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Is Shinier
    8. Racing Aeroplanes Over The Sea: SkyDrift
    9. A Marathon Effort: Aleph One
    10. To The Grindstone: Lineage II Is Now Free
    11. Night Crawling Sky Shooters: Solar Wings
    12. Eve Online Dropped Into The Crucible
    13. Glitch Unlaunched, Back To Beta