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Beta Blockers: Minecraft Turns Lego

You know how Minecraft is a bit like the world's biggest and most elaborate Lego set? Except here you start with more green and brown blocks than even Simon Lego himself owns. Well, monolithic megacorp, Mojang, are discussing a deal with the Danish blockmasters to release official Minecraft Lego. They are only next door to the Swedish devs, after all. The news comes via Mojang bod Daniel Kaplan's Twitter feed, who reports that they've gotten past the first stage of Lego's peculiar means of developing specific themed packs. Via LEGO CUUSOO, someone's idea for a Lego set appears in a Kickstarter-style site, except here all people are pledging is their support for the idea. Get to 10,000 votes and the idea gets looked at by Lego. And now Kaplan reports they are now chatting with Mojang about the prospect.

Those who get picked get a 1% cut of the profits, which Mojang say they'll be giving to charity. As they throw another wad of thousand dollar bills out the window to shoo away the pigeons. So they're after votes again, apparently. Although I'm not sure why.

Is it a good idea? It seems like Minecraft rather supercedes Lego for me. It's a bit like releasing a plastic rendition of Peggle, with one set of pins and no exploding rainbows. But is it something you want? Clearly lots of others do. And when I look at the pictures on the Cuusoo site, I do rather want some.

In other news, Americans, stop saying "Legos". You sound ridiculous.

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