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Hooray! A Skyrim UI Mod: SkyUI

Oh thank flipping goodness, Skyrim inventory mods are appearing. Big thanks to Rick Lane who let us know about SkyUI, which does wonders for the ridiculous inventory system with which Bethesda saddled the game. It's not perfect, mostly because a giant great image of the item still dominates the screen, but it's a darned site better than it was before. For instance, you can see everything on the screen without having to scroll until your fingers fall off.

It's a huge improvement. Like I say above, the use of screen real estate, while better than Bethesday's mind-boggling choices, is still ludicrously in favour of seeing what a giant bottle of healing potion looks like. But it also makes an awful lot an awful lot better. With the categories listed across the top of the screen, and the far more detailed lists appearing below, it uses a far smaller font, and makes things much easier to discover. It provides weight and value information in the main list, you can sort columns as you wish, and even filter the lists with a text box. Oh thank you.

Clearly there's still a long way to go, and I really hope it's something Bethesda are working on, rather than relying on the modders to sort out. Most important, I would suggest, would be a way just to see your character and what is equipped. It's so painfully obvious, and woefully missing from the original game.

To get it working, the creators suggests you use the Nexus Mod Manager. It's free, but does require registering an account with the site. And it seems it also wants SKSE, which is a pain, as that diverts around my mod for getting the game to play in a borderless window.

Here's a guide to getting it working:

Watch on YouTube

It does nothing for the bloody Skills page though. But there's word that it may be still to come.

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