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May 2014 Archive

    1. Rapturous: BioShock Not Dead, Will Continue At 2K Marin
    2. Patch Dogs: Ubi To Fix Watch_Dogs' Performance Issues
    1. Wot I Think: Distant Worlds – Universe
    2. It's In The Trees: The Forest Lands On Steam Early Access
    3. Ghostpirates Ahoy! Call of Duty: Ghosts' Next DLC Is Weird
    4. Correspondents Winner: World War 2 Is Back In Enemy Front
    5. Wot I Think: Tropico 5
    6. Prison Architect Update 21 Adds Bazooka, Rambo, Surrender
    7. Maybe You Should Watch This Mighty No. 9 Progress Trailer
    8. Must-See CT: Twitch Rating CS Streamers With Steam API
    9. The Flare Path: Slitherincoming
    10. Whoa: Northern Shadow Is Skyrim Meets A City Builder
    11. Nvidia And AMD Butt Heads Over Watch_Dogs, GameWorks
    12. Revelatory Shock: Broforce Gets More Bros
    13. The First Unreal Tournament 2014 Play Session Ever
    14. The Darkest Age Of Camelot: EA Shuts Down Mythic
    1. Joke For Sale: Arma 3 Karts Is Real DLC And Out Now
    2. Video Preview: Evolve Is Left 4 Dead 3000
    3. Grand Designs: Big Level Blueprints For Next Hitman
    4. Wot I Think: Among The Sleep
    5. Fair Trade: Europa Universalis IV Wealth Of Nations Out Now
    6. Game On! Space Sport G-Ball Now Slamming Thunderballs
    7. Words & Music: Play 33 Text Adventures Inspired By Songs
    8. Babylon Zoo: Interstellaria Trailer Introduces Playable Races
    9. Purified: Dawns Of War Ditching GameSpy And GFWL
    10. Harmonix Rhythm FPS Chroma Getting Overhaul
    11. Hack 'N' Dash: Epic Flail Is A Pants-Stealing Good Time
    12. Erp: Star Citizen Dogfighting Module Delayed Again
    13. Battlefield 3 And Plants Vs Zombies Free On Origin
    1. First Look: Investigating The Horror Of Draugen
    2. The House Always Wins: The Sims 4
    3. Super Street Fighter IV Ditching Games For Windows Live
    4. Shhhhh! Payday 2 Stealth Heist Sneaks In Tomorrow
    5. Wot I Think: The Wolf Among Us Part 4 - In Sheep's Clothing
    6. Not A MOBA: Bethesda Announce F2P BattleCry
    7. A Dark New Dream: Proteus Modded Into Purgateus
    8. War(Un)Locked: Magicka Wizard Wars Open Beta
    9. For Goodness: Sacred 3 Anti-Delayed
    10. Blood Money: Battlefield 4 Adds Microtransactions
    11. What A Shock: Watch_Dogs Hampered By Uplay Troubles
    12. Down In The Burroughs: Tangiers
    13. Gabenship Down: Steam Controller Delayed To 2015
    14. Hardline Miami: The Next Battlefield Is About Police
    1. Cardboard Children - Marvel Dicemasters
    2. Shock! Horror! The Evil Within Delayed Into October
    3. Wot I Think: Always Sometimes Monsters
    4. Moon Bruce: Lego Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham
    5. Wasteland 2's Live Action Intro Sidesteps Perlmanisms
    6. Deep Breath: Lunar Larks In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
    7. Faster Than A Silver Bullet: Infinity Runner
    8. Into The Vasty Deep: Elite Dangerous
    9. Impressions: Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team
    10. Glorious Mud: Spintires Squelching Out In June
    11. Some Games Live Forever: Death To Spies 3 Demo
    12. Wot I Think: Watch Dogs
    13. Evolve: Alien Dogs, Robots, Mini-Guns and Megamouths
    14. Far From: Final Fantasy 3 Hits Steam Today
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: King's Bounty: Dark Side
    2. Wot I Think: Out Of The Park Baseball 15
    3. Return of Lucas Pope, Return of the Obra Dinn
    4. Flag Returned: Respawn Putting CTF Back In Titanfall
    5. Carriers Arriving: Contact Vector
    6. Alone In The Dark: Planetary Annihilation's Single-Player
    7. Kickarustarter: Icarus Proudbottom: Starship Captain
    8. Prey Tell: Community Now In Charge Of Natural Selection 2
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Blossoms You've Created
    2. Wot I Think: Simulating War by Philip Sabin
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Foot-to-ball World Cup Comes To FIFA Ultimate Team
    1. S.EXE: Merritt Kopas On Porn, Pain, And Power
    2. Dan Dare The Automator: Distant Worlds - Universe
    3. Aroooo! The Wolf Among Us Admires Meat Next Week
    4. A Game And A Chat: Transistor
    5. Wot I Think: Bound By Flame
    6. Here Is How Witchmarsh Is Like Baldur's Gate, Wizardry
    7. Howzaaaaaaaaa! Don Bradman Cricket 14 Demo Steps Up
    8. Death Of A Salem: Murdered - Soul Suspect
    9. Wot I Think - Wolfenstein: The New Sequel
    10. Little Red Riding Blood: Arena Of Fate Is Crytek's MOBA
    11. X Rebirth Being Reborn With Version 2.0 Update
    12. Evolve Won't Have Mod Support At Launch, But Maybe Later
    13. Squirt 'Em Up: Firefighters 2014 Now Steaming
    14. Adwenture Time: Kaptain Brawe 2 - A Space Travesty
    1. Week in Tech: Intel 9 Series, £200 GPUs, VR And Fast Food
    2. Rail Replacement: Metro 2033 & Last Light Revamped
    3. Wot I Think: BattleBlock Theater
    4. Interview: Shooting The Queen With Chris Hecker
    5. Dreamtime: Among The Sleep Awakens May 29th
    6. Bear-Beating: Fist Of Awesome Jabs PC
    7. Wot I Think - The Last Tinker: City Of Colors
    8. Space Hulk: Deathwing's First Screens Contain Crotchskulls
    9. Deathball Lives: Supraball Is A First-Person Sports Game
    10. Venisse: Hegemony Rome - The Rise Of Caeasar
    11. Not Dun Yet: Verdun Trailer Shows Updates For WWI FPS
    12. Life Simulator 2014: Always Sometimes Monsters Released
    13. We're Going Underground: KeeperRL
    14. Suits You, Siri: The Fall
    1. So This Is Happening: Zenimax Sues Oculus
    2. Of Mice And Gamepads: The Future Of Controllers
    3. As Open As Your Goal, Mate: FIFA World Open Beta
    4. Money Talks: An Interview With EVE Online's Economist
    5. Death Is Cheap: Teleglitch Updates, On Sale
    6. Romance-o-battle: Agarest 2 Ported To PC
    7. Hands On: Among The Sleep
    8. Na Etc. Look, A Batman: Arkham Knight 'Gameplay' Trailer
    9. Take It To The Bridge: Flagship Is A First-Person Space RTS
    10. Astoundingly, Total Chaos Is A Doom II Mod
    11. Shadow Wha? Oh! Huh! Platformer Juju Announced
    12. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Has Assassins, No Creeds
    13. There Will Be Blood Sausage: Wasteland 2 Out In August
    14. Suburban Survival: Rebuild - Gangs Of Deadsville
    15. Silly Loading Human Player, You Just BROKE EVERYTHING
    16. Keep On Livin': Dark Souls Not Going Anywhere
    1. Cardboard Children - Rab's Top 50: Breakdown 3
    2. Meet Von FrankenDoom: Viktor
    3. Interview: Kicking The Tyres Of GRID Autosport
    4. CTF WTF: Titanfall Cuts Game Modes From PC Version
    5. Wot I Think: Transistor
    6. Early Access Is The Path To The King's Bounty: Dark Side
    7. To Arms Brothers! Space Hulk Adds Co-op
    8. Firaxis On How Civ: Beyond Earth Really Isn't Alpha Centauri
    9. Hands On: Dreamfall Chapters
    10. GOG Looking Into Its Own, Better Early Access
    11. Damn & Blazkowicz: Wolfenstein New Order PC Tech Issues
    12. Monster Mash? Combat Mission: Red Thunder Demo Out
    13. Free Thinking: POP Methodology Experiment One
    14. Alienware: Steam Machine Will Be Our 'Least Profitable' Ever
    15. Star Citizen's Dogfighting Module Launching On May 29th
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Endless Legend
    2. Worry Not: There Will Be No More Witcher 3 Delays
    3. Interview: Adding Shieldmaidens To War Of The Vikings
    4. Witchmarsh Is A Baldur's Gate-Inspired RPG In The 1920s
    5. Impressions: Hack 'N' Slash
    6. Is It Bungie You're Looking For? Halo Patch Drops GameSpy
    7. Giveaway: Another 3000 Magicka Wizard Wars Beta Keys
    8. Modular Scrolls: Skyblivion Is Oblivion Remade In Skyrim
    9. DevLog Watch: Gastropoda, Gangster Tactics, M.I.N.T.
    10. Harmonix's Amplitude Not Coming To PC Now, Maybe Ever
    11. Shelter 2 Really Wants You To Love Your Babies
    12. Dream Stream: $1bn Google Bid For Twitch Rumoured
    13. Well, When You Put It That Way: Kill The Bad Guy
    14. No Thank You: World Of Diving Goes Deep Down
    15. Sanitawesomium: STASIS Isn't Standing Still
    1. Troubled Space: Contested Space Releases Demo
    2. Live Free Play Hard: What A Good Bird
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Oi, That's Mine! Wizards of the Coast Sues Cryptozoic
    2. Max Plantain: My Friend Pedro
    3. A New, Sexier Party: SpyParty
    1. Big Trouble In EVE China
    2. Multicoloured Meanies: Fearless Fantasy Released
    3. Interview: How Will Unreal Tournament 2014 Work? Can It?
    4. War Thunder Rolls Out Ground Forces Open Beta
    5. Terror From The Details: XCOM's Amazing Long War Mod
    6. I Desperately Want Wunderheilung To Become A Full Game
    7. 10,000 Free Neverwinter Booster Packs, Why Not
    8. United We Stand? - Two Assassin's Creeds Coming This Fall
    9. The Flare Path: Victory Over The Ants
    10. Charm Overload: Ibb & Obb Hits PC On May 26th
    11. Divided We Fall: The Division Delayed To 2015
    12. More Games Added To Steam In 2014 Than All Of 2013
    13. Six Shots: Heavy Bullets Is A Roguelike-like FPS
    14. Robots Fight Robots: World War Machine Now Crowdfunding
    1. Week in Tech: Cheap 4K, Adaptive-Sync, DP1.2a, Screens!
    2. Ladies' Might: War Of The Vikings Add Shieldmaidens
    3. Total Converts: SupCom 2 Revamp Expansion Mod
    4. Matrix Of The Trade: Tango Fiesta
    5. Snow Joke: Far Cry 4 Goes Mountain High In November
    6. Wot I Think: Men Of War: Assault Squad 2
    7. Yes, But What's It About? War, The Game Released
    8. Wizard Manager 2014: Dota 2 Launches Fantasy League
    9. Perish The Thought Of Ignoring Gorgeous Roguelike Perish
    10. Between The Devils And The Deep: Sunless Sea
    11. Bohemia: DayZ Hacked, But Users And Development Safe
    12. Valve Slowly But Surely Making Steam User Reviews Useful
    13. Lawsuit Takes Toll, Duke Nukem On Hold For Bombshell
    14. The Sims 4's Character Creator Is More Powerful Than God
    15. Connecting The DoTTs: Schafer Plays Day Of The Tentacle
    1. EVE Online And The Big Game Hunters
    2. Clubbing With Nick Cave: No Wave
    3. In the Zone: How Gamers Experience The Real Chernobyl
    4. Return To Icewind Dale In The New Neverwinter Expansion
    5. Bundles Bundles Bundles: Two Weeks Of Daily Humbundles
    6. Jack Into Cyberspace With Hacking FPS-RPG Black Ice
    7. RPS Asks: What Games Have You Had To Uninstall?
    8. Tour The Merrier: GRID Autosport
    9. SUPERHOT Is On Kickstarter, Still Stylish But More Beautiful
    10. Watch Dogs 101 Trailer Is Full Of All The Things
    11. "The Case Is Individually Wrapped In Faux Reptile Skin"
    12. Steady On Now: Democracy 3 DLC Dabbles In Extremism
    13. Minimum Stomps Onto Early Access
    14. WildStar Raids Reveal Big Bosses And Random Bits
    1. Cardboard Children - Rab's Top 50 (30-21): The Video
    2. Thank You, Mr Giger
    3. Wot I Think: The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 3
    5. Impressions - Age Of Mythology: Extended Edition
    6. As Pure As The Driven: SNOW's M3 Alpha Adds Top Hats
    7. Arma 2 Goes Over The Top In World War 1 Mod
    8. Mechagodzilla 'Em Up: Kerberos Crowdfunding Kaiju-a-Gogo
    9. Blind Taste Test: The Spelunky Blue Frog Mod
    10. Wake Up: It's GOG's Spring Insomnia Sale
    11. Immortal Kombat: Warlocks' Chaotic Magic Battling
    12. Death Lives! - Darksiders Is 'Not Dead,' Says Dev
    13. Into The Woods: Titanfall's 'Expedition' DLC Video-ed
    14. Don't Stay Away From The Trapdoor, An Amnesia Mod
    1. The Lighthouse Customer: Caribbean!
    2. Rubik's Surface: Flip
    3. Impressions: Stalker: Lost Alpha
    4. A Story About My Uncle I Guess But Mostly Grappling Hooks
    5. Why PC Will Make Below A Better Game
    6. Got Need Got Got: Dota 2 International 2014 Compendium
    7. Class On The Line: Warside
    8. Sir, You Are Hunting: No Return
    9. DevLog Watch: Cogmind, Fritz, Tiny Wizard
    10. Battlefield 1942 Confirmed Among EA's GameSpy Casualties
    11. Peerless Vampire Killers: Van Helsing II
    12. Stop Licking Yourself: Realistic Kissing Simulator
    13. Shiness Is An Indie JRPG That Looks Anything But
    14. Surprise-aga: Steam Randomly Encounters Final Fantasy III
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. S.EXE: Increpare's Striptease (NSFW)
    2. The Walking Dead: Season 2 Continues Next Week
    3. Wot I Think: Daylight
    4. Mount & Skaven: Warband Warhammer Mod Rides Out
    5. First Look: Storium - The Online Storytelling Game
    6. Watch League of Legends' All Star 2014 Tournament
    7. We Have 3000 Magicka: Wizard Wars Beta Keys To Giveaway
    8. Un-Blocked: Minimum Still Exists, Hosting Beta Weekend
    9. The Flare Path: Wingsuitable For All
    10. Informing You: Text Adventure Tool Inform 7 Has Updated
    11. Company Of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Standing Alone In June
    12. Meet Watch_Dogs' Cast: Hacker Girl, Angry Man, Explosion
    13. Delay Of The Dead: Dying Light Taking Dirt Nap Until 2015
    14. Time To Try Again: New Adventure Time Game Announced
    1. Week in Tech: AMD And The End Of x86
    2. Never Alone, A Platformer Telling Native Alaskan Folklore
    3. Mod Is Real: Unreal Tournament 2014 Announced, Free
    4. Former Civ IV Lead On Strategy's Future, Making Another Civ
    5. Loadsa Muties: Killing Floor 2 Announced With More Gore
    6. Wot I Think - Warlock 2: The Exiled
    7. Carmageddon: Reincarnation Alpha Update Crosses The Line
    8. Oh WoW: WildStar Open Beta Now Open
    9. Galactic Civilization 3's Early Access Ships Ship Builder
    10. Total Converts: Unpotting The History Of Half-Life Modding
    11. Don't Starve Getting Multiplayer, Becoming Lord Of The Flies
    12. Preposterift: Oculus Wants To Build One Billion Person MMO
    13. Cast Out: Outcast HD Kickstarter Fails
    14. It Goeth Before Fall - Risen 3: Titan Lords Rising In August
    15. Valiant Hearts Will Try To Make You Cry In June
    1. EVE Fanfest 2014 – The RPS Report
    2. Towns Called Malice: Development Of City Builder Ends
    3. Hexing: Panzer General Online Open Beta Deployed
    4. Ride A Dinosaur In The Stomping Land Later This Month
    5. Wot I Think: Kentucky Route Zero - Act III
    6. Loading Human Reboots To Kickstarter With New Story
    7. Hack The Planet: Early Access Granted To Hack 'N' Slash
    8. Ronin Rumble: Kyoto Wild Announced
    9. Slow Year: No New Need For Speed Until 2015
    10. RSI Clarifies Stance On Women's Only Groups In Star Citizen
    11. Steam Who? - Humble Bundle's Spring Sale
    12. Scorched Earth - Earth: Year 2066 Booted From Steam
    13. Ghost Dick: Murdered - Soul Suspect
    14. Bomb Voyage: Titanfall Expedition DLC Due This Month
    1. Cardboard Children - Rab's Top 50: Breakdown 2
    2. Full Bore Rooting Around Steam Later Today
    3. Wot I Think: Child Of Light
    4. Open Road: Kentucky Route Zero Act III Out Now
    5. Speedy Shadows: Thief 3 'Gold' Removes Loading Zones
    6. GhostBustr: Survival Horror DreadOut Haunting Next Week
    7. Road To Joy: American Truck Simulator Images
    8. Another Another World: The Way Arrives On Kickstarter
    9. Open Your Eyes (And Ears, Etc.) For The Accessibility Jam
    10. Unrepresentative Space Battles: EVE's Fanfest 2014 Trailer
    11. Commodity: Limit Theory Dev Diary Shows Dynamic Markets
    12. Brazen Aviation: Air Control
    13. Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye: Halo's Multiplayer Saved
    14. Mother Russia Bleeds Is Hotline Miami Beats Final Fight
    1. Virtual Duality: Oculus Declares All Of Zenimax's Claims False
    2. The Lighthouse Customer: The Golf Club
    3. Fat Cat Simulator 2014: Play To Build A Better Mousetrap
    4. A New Frontier: EVE Online Doing Away With Expansions
    5. Elder Scrolls Online Getting NPC Theft, Dark Brotherhood
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Live Free Play Hard: The Genital Chamber of the Queen
    1. First Look - EVE: Project Legion
    2. Former Civilization IV Lead On Mars Game, Revitalizing RTS
    3. Captain Forever Remix Ft. Deano T & B-Chain [Danny B Cut]
    4. Wot I Think: Contagion
    5. Terry Defence: Freaking Meatbags Makes Humans Useful
    6. Infinite Space 3: Sea Of Stars Launches Into Early Access
    7. Adam And EVE IT: Sandbox FPS Project Legion Announced
    8. Moving Out: Arma 3 Dev Roadmap Includes Expansion Plans
    9. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod Enters Open Alpha
    10. EVE Valkyrie Goes UE4, Picks Up Battlestar's Starbuck
    11. The Flare Path's May Day Parade
    12. Yesssss: No One Lives Forever Finally Getting Re-Released
    13. Factorio Trailer Looks Like A Fun Factory, Has Demo
    14. 20,000 Leagues Above The Sky Prettified And Diversified
    15. House Of Cods: New Call Of Duty Has PMCs, Kevin Spacey
    16. Jet Car Stunts Is A Video Game About Jet Car Stunts
    1. Week in Tech: SATA Express At Last, Not Google Glass
    2. Zenimax Accuses Carmack Of Theft In Move To Oculus
    3. Build-A-Bot Workshop: M.A.V. Hitting Steam Early Access
    4. Total Converts: How To Go Walking In Grand Theft Auto IV
    5. Wot I Made: Sir, You Are Being Hunted V1.0
    6. Not Defiant Enough: Defiance Going Free-To-Play
    7. Bonfire Of The Sanities: Wayward Souls
    8. Earworm: Game Music Bundle 7 Offers 5 Soundtracks For $1
    9. ZRPG: Soldak's Date With The Dead
    10. Mobile Gaming: Steam In-Home Streaming Enters Open Beta
    11. Win-Toy Soldiers: Disney Infinity - Marvel Super Heroes
    12. Paradox's Runemaster Gets Video, Won't Have Sidequests
    13. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun - Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants Out Now
    14. New Serious Sam Made By Serious Fans Seriously On Steam
    15. Alpharrrrrr: Caribbean! Boards Steam Early Access