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For Goodness: Sacred 3 Anti-Delayed

Hack 'n' crash the party

Well this is fun. Once upon a time in ye olde fantasyee land of Ea'rth, Sacred 3 was set to launch at the end of August. Now, however, the latest in a longish lineage of solid Diablo-alikes has moved to the goodship August's bow because it's so ready that it doesn't need no stinkin' month. But as Eurogamer slyly points out, there is a Diablo-related product coming out that month. So maaaaaaaaybe... but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed for something good, not rushed. New trailer below.

I can't tell if that voice acting is intentionally horrible or just regular horrible. Either way, I chuckled a little. Combat looks suitably smashy, though. And I guess the weapon spirit system allows you to acquire new abilities or something. The video's not entirely clear.

Oh but wait, I just found this description on the game's otherwise worrisomely barebones website:

"Weapon Spirits will help the player to level their heroes and make their equipped weapons deadlier than ever. These mysterious spirits come in all shapes and sizes with many different powers to make for the perfect companion during the player’s battle through Ancaria. Weapon Spirits will enable players to increase critical hit rates, hamper enemy movement, regain health, empower the entire team and much more."

Sacred 3 will be out on August 5th. It's worth noting that this one is coming from Keen Games, not original (and now deceased) series developer Ascaron Entertainment. Like what you see, or does it just look like another ARPG in desperate need of something to set it apart?

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