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Modular Scrolls: Skyblivion Is Oblivion Remade In Skyrim


Speaking personally, I find The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to be the weakest game of its storied lineage, but that doesn't mean I think it was bad by any means. The prospect of exploring its world of idyllic countrysides, tastefully mudcrab-dappled waters, and screaming fire eyeball portals to hell remains an attractive one, and I'll be especially keen to do so if Skyblivion sees the light of day. Like TESRenewal compatriot Skywind, Skyblivion is an attempt to remake Oblivion in Skyrim's engine. Want to see how it's coming along? Check out the trailer below.

Skyblivion is being handled by a team entirely separate from that of Skywind, so the two won't end up butting heads in the race toward the finish. Skyblivion is also much, much, much earlier than its extremely exciting compatriot, so we've probably got a wait ahead of us before we can play it. So said the mod's team:

"Skyblivion is very early in development and as you might have noticed textures and models are pretty much untouched at this point. This is where YOU come in. In order to do this project right we will need help from the community with either the development or simply spreading the word so that we can get people interested in helping out with this project (just like Skywind)."

The mod is already getting some pretty serious attention, so I doubt they'll have too much trouble putting together a formidable team.

For now, though, what are your thoughts on Oblivion? Would you replay it if it looked a little spiffier? What about in a box? With a fox? While enduring an incredibly painful and potentially life-threatening pox?

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