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Multicoloured Meanies: Fearless Fantasy Released

We all live in a twisted RPG

If Zeno Clash creators ACE Team were responsible for rebooting Yellow Submarine, The Beatles' maritime mystery tour, the results might look a little bit like Fearless Fantasy. Nathan has already boggled at the unusual appearance of the enemies, which range from blossoming meanies to snaggle-toothed space hoppers. The game is now available and, gesture-based combat system aside, it appears to be similar to its obvious inspiration, which switches out the Fearless for a Final and appends an enormous range of Roman numerals.

One thing Fearless Fantasy certainly doesn't have in common with Final Fantasy (barring the earliest in the series) is length. Final Fantasy VII's Shinra HQ stairwells take up almost as much time as a playthrough of Fearless, which lasts 3-4 hours. The combat system allows for star ratings though, which might add replayability for the perfectionists.

I'm not sure if any game could have lived up to the sheer oddity of the video...and then I remember Middens.

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