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Some Games Live Forever: Death To Spies 3 Demo

Coming in from the cold?

I thought Death For Spies 3 had been garrotted in an alleyway or invited to a polonium picnic. As it happens, despite a prolonged and unexpected stay in a sinister bunker between national borders, the third-person stealth action game is still with us. A failed crowdfunding campaign may have delayed development but a demo has now been released, showing the cold war setting. In-game footage below.

I haven't actually played either of the previous games in the series but 'Hitman with spies' sounds fairly close. The developers say this: "Overall it's a social stealth with open levels, where you can change clothes, use various weapons, hide and sneak. It's like Hitman+Splinter Cell+Commandos."

As well as accepting dontations, Haggard are also seeking Greenlight votes. Unlike donations, votes are free, which makes certain figures extremely surprising.

It's not clear how much of the previous information about the game is still relevant, with the website claiming three characters will be in-play simultaneously, using unique skills like Lost Vikings playing The Great Game. The Greenlight page only mentions the return of Semyon Strogov though, and his information-gathering and enemy-slaying skills.

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