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Fair Trade: Europa Universalis IV Wealth Of Nations Out Now

Professional pirate spies and more

Every time I write about a Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis expansion, I make fun of it for being hopelessly nerdy. Why can't I just be honest about my feelings without hiding behind a self-conscious veneer of silliness? Why can't I just come out and profess my love directly: these games are boss, and I don't care who knows that I'm interested in Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations and its fleet of trade revisions.

It's a historical grand strategy game in which you can hire privateers to steal business from your rival nations, or use covert options to begin conflicts between neighbouring countries. Pirates and spies! Those things are cool, right? Who wouldn't be interested to know that the expansion is out today and that there's a launch trailer below.

As per usual, this Europa Universalis IV expansion comes hand-in-hand with a patch for the base game available to even those who don't want the DLC. The patch notes are long and illustrious, much like Adam's beard, but they're naturally based around improvements to the basic systems and control over trade. You can see the full patch notes list over here, but if I had to pick one, it'd be the brand new ability to form the nation of Egypt. Because that's cool.

If you want nothing more in life than to command fleets of privateers in the expansion of your economic power, then the expansion will set you back £7.49/$10.

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