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Paradox announce a blast of new DLCs, including one for Crusader Kings 3

Plus Europa Universalis 4 and Surviving The Aftermath

Yesterday’s Paradox Announcement Show saw the reveal of some new games, including the turn-based strategy The Lamplighters League, and a sequel to their hit city builder Cities: Skylines 2. But, with a bucketload of ongoing games, Paradox weren’t content with the newbies, and announced a blast of DLC. Flagship historical grand strategies Crusader Kings 3 and Europa Universalis 4, as well as colony builder Surviving The Aftermath, are all getting expansions.

Cover image for YouTube videoCrusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments - Announcement Trailer

Crusader Kings 3 is releasing its Tours And Tournaments expansion this Spring, and it focuses on all the grand festivities that come with a royal title. The new expansion allows you to host big weddings and tournaments, which sounds like great fun, but it’s really just a tool to flaunt your wealth and military power. You can also take a grand tour, carefully planning your route through civilised lands, or you can just decide to cut through a dark, dangerous forest. The Tours And Tournaments expansion will also bring new armour designs, clothing options, and launch alongside a free major update.

The upcoming expansion for Europa Universalis 4 is decidedly less celebratory - unless you’re a big fan of imperial expansion. The Domination expansion is updating mission trees for the game’s biggest empires, letting you fight the Hundred Years War as France, free Russia from the Tatar Yoke, and expand the Ottoman Empire through the new Eyalet system, among other brutal escapades. There’s no date for Domination yet, but it’ll also launch with a free update for all players.

Cover image for YouTube videoEuropa Universalis IV: Domination | Announcement Trailer

Paradox did slap a date on one expansion, though. Surviving The Aftermath’s third expansion, Rebirth, is launching on PC and consoles on March 16th and it’ll be available for £13/$15/€15. The big draw of Rebirth is the radioactive infection that’s spreading through the wasteland and turning wildlife into violent enemies. Like The Last Of Us, the infection comes from mutated fungi, and like The Last Of Us, the game avoids the plagued Z-word. Although, what's wrong with radioactive zombies? Rebirth is also adding in new buildings and upgrades, along with a Terraformer that lets you modify the environment and welcome new life.

The RPS Hivemind have had very good things to say about these games over the years. Crusader Kings 3 and Europa Universalis 4 both made it onto our list of the 50 best strategy games on PC - sorry Aftermath - so, new expansions are always a welcome sight.

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