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Crusader Kings 3 has sold 3 million copies and ruined a lot of weddings in the three years since it released

Over 1.3m players have picked it up this year, Paradox says

Crusader Kings 3 is somehow three years old, and Paradox’s grand strategy game is celebrating in style - and with a lot of stats - by dropping the news that it’s sold over three million copies in that time.

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The impressive sales figure - made that bit more impressive by the additional stat that over 1.3 million new players have picked it up in 2023 alone - joins a veritable barrage of big numbers from Paradox that give some insight into what the CK3 community have been up to over the last three years.

That includes the unsurprising reveal that players really love to murder their ruler rivals, with over 50 million murder schemes successfully pulled off. That outnumbers the number of hopefully-less-murdery nupitals that have taken place, with just shy of 34.5 million wedding celebrations and a million grand weddings held in-game.

That said, apparently there have been almost 7,800 bloody weddings - where your would-be spouse and/or their entire dynasty are offed, Game of Thrones-style - so it’s not entirely safe to attend a wedding in the Middle Ages just yet.

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An anniversary video runs through the stats, as well as going back through Crusader Kings 3’s history to date, from its announcement way back in the pre-COVID times of late 2019 through the gamut of expansions, event packs and other DLC that have followed since, from Northern Lords in 2021 to last year’s Royal Court, Fate of Iberia and Friends & Foes, and this year’s Tours & Tournaments and Wards & Wardens, the latter released just last week.

Of course, Paradox aren’t done with CK3 yet, either. The video ends with a tease for the upcoming Legacy of Persia flavour pack, due to drop before the end of the year.

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