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Crusader Kings 3's next expansion adds tours, tournaments and grand weddings

Fittingly called Tours & Tournaments

Crusader Kings 3's next expansion has been announced. Tours & Tournaments will introduce new events to the medieval grand strategy game including jousting events, grand weddings and the ability to send you ruler on a tour of their domain. All offer an opportunity to impress your subjects and rivals - or, I'd guess, to fall off your horse and die.

Here's the announcement trailer:

If you choose to go on a tour of your realm, you can handpick the entourage you take with you and select the route to follow. As you travel, you can visit vassals, bring along tax collectors to turn your subjects upside down and shake them, or hand out gifts as proof of your benevolence. Throw a grand wedding and you can likewise impress everyone by bestowing honours and carrying out backroom diplomacy, and in jousts you can bash the heads of your opponents with a big pole to win hearts and minds.

As the expansion's Steam page notes, however: "Many celebrations are the perfect cover for the dastardly scheme against foes... or family." It's tempting to think of Game Of Thrones, isn't it, but actual medieval history was about being a big murdering bastard first.

Tours & Tournaments will launch on May 11th and will cost £25/$30 when it does. In the meantime, I recommend reading Nate's tales of Gigaknight, if you haven't yet.

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