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A huge Game Of Thrones mod arrives in Crusader Kings 3 tomorrow

From the team behind CK2's AGOT mod

Many moon rotations ago, Crusader Kings 2’s sprawling grand strategy received A Game Of Thrones facelift thanks to a fan-made mod, replacing the political tensions of mediaeval Europe with the political tensions of Westeros. The AGOT mod was both huge and hugely popular, and now the team are back with a similar mod for Crusader Kings 3. It’ll be released in open beta tomorrow, April 14th.

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In a Reddit post detailing what to expect, the AGOT mod team say that Westeros will be 87% bigger than the base game map in Crusader Kings 3 - and they have plans to expand it further on the road to 1.0. The Eastern lands of Essos, for example, are planned for a future update, so we’ll need to wait a while before we see the Dothraki tribes.

For now, the AGOT mod takes place during Robert’s Rebellion, placing it just before the HBO show and George R.R. Martin’s books, although future bookmarks will bridge the gap with Crowned Stag, Defiance at Duskendale, Greyjoy’s Rebellion, and more. Robert’s Rebellion has webs of political intrigue to untangle, a few failed marriages, and a couple of bastard children, making it the perfect period for Crusader Kings 3’s scheming.

Winter is still coming, though, and The Wall plays a large part in this mod too. The White Walkers aren’t a threat yet, but the Wildling tribes beyond The Wall are causing trouble and raiding villages. As the Lord Commander you can plan attacks on the tribes, and when you die, the men of the Night’s Watch, with their unique "non-dynastic succession," will elect another leader.

Even before Crusader Kings 3’s launch, Nate Crowley (RPS in peace) saw that the game was just a Game Of Thrones RPG in disguise due to the interweaving dynasties. The AGOT mod only makes that comparison clearer.

There's no word on where the mod will be available to download, but if it's anything like some other CK3 mods, you'll be able to grab it from the Steam workshop. When a news-bearing raven arrives, we'll update this article with a download link.

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