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Babylon Zoo: Interstellaria Trailer Introduces Playable Races

I always wanted you to go into space, man

FTL is a fine template for all sorts of games, though there seems to be little trying to mimic its mix of tactics, exploration and dynamic storytelling. Maybe Interstellaria will scratch that same itch. Its ship-management is side-on and it has simple, Starbound-ish building and planetary exploration parts, but it's also focused on diplomacy, trade, exploration and fleet combat in a vast explorable galaxy. The latest trailer is below, showing new ships, the first batch of playable alien races and more.

I'm still slightly concerned about those platforming sections. They're what happens when you head down to a planet surface and although I like the art style, the movement physics and shooting both look old as in bad-old. As in dated and limited. Not good-old, like the retro pixel art, music, spaceship-explorin'.

On the other hand, new mechanics for exploring planets are still to be revealed, so I guess we'll find out how it all hangs together in due course. Interstellaria was successfully Kickstarted to twice its funding target in December 2013 and successfully Greenlit in February 2014. It's currently thought that it'll go into paid alpha or beta near the end of the year.

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