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Maybe You Should Watch This Mighty No. 9 Progress Trailer

I hope the tagline is "Mighty is righty"

Every game series you never played will return to taunt you. I have no experience of Keiji Inafune's Mega Man, but its Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 is too big, and too full of heroically upbeat platforming music, to ignore. There's a trailer below showing the project's healthy development progress.

When the game hit Kickstarter in September last year, it quadrupled its $900,000 funding target to rake in $3.8 million. That's in part because the game's character and mechanics are designed to evoke memories of the Mega Man series, and in part because the development team is formed of not just Inafune but by level designers, musicians and art directors from the original series.

The names mean nothing to me, though. Kickstart a spiritual successor to Zool and then we'll talk. I mean, I still won't back it, but I'l have some frame of reference.

When I asked in the RPS forbidden chatroom of mystery (v2) whether anyone had any experience with Mega Man, Alice responded with this, which I think is fair. Maybe they're far enough away from the apex of their popularity that it's OK for me to start liking them again. Valuable information.

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