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Mighty No 9 Legends: Comcept Crowdfunding Red Ash

Sounds v. Mega Man Legends

With Mighty No. 9 almost out (it's due in September), developers Comcept have turned to Kickstarter again to crowdfund another Mega Man 'em up. This time, they're thinking along the lines of open-world action-RPG Mega Man Legends.

They're rounded up a few Mega Man Legends folks and launched a Kickstarter seeking $800,000 (£515k) to make Red Ash [official site]. The pitch is pretty barebones, with only art and ideas to show for it, but Red Ash is already drawing big bucks in pledges. Curiously, a second Kickstarter is running for an anime studio to make a movie set in the same world.

Comcept top chap (and Mega Man co-creator) Keiji Inafune talks of Red Ash as his dream of "immersing players in a freely explorable anime world." Comcept call it "a 3D action adventure game with third person shooter elements" and upgradeable weapons and... it sounds like they're thinking along the lines of Mega Man Legends games, which were 3D shooty action-RPGs rather than 2D shooty platformers.

Like Legends, it seems they're again borrowing and reinventing characters in a different story. Set in the distant future, Red Ash will see Beck and pals as treasure hunters trying to raid - and stop - a vast mobile citadel before it crash-lands into a city.

Details are skimpy, though, with the pitch mostly being ideas, story, and artwork. The video is a bit boring and sloppy too. Still, I suspect this may not really be a problem.

After two days, and With 28 still to go, the Kickstarter is 30% funded. If you're interested, pledging at least $30 (£20) would get you a copy of the finished game, which is due to arrive in July 2017.

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