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Mighty No. 9 Mega-Busting Into February 2016

A demo's out for backers too

Every time I see the name Mighty No. 9 [official site], something in me sees it as Wonderful 101 and my heart skips a beat. But hey, a new Mega Man-ish game from the co-creator of the mega-busting robot is still a pretty exciting idea - enough for folks to bung it $3,845,170 on Kickstarter. When will we found out how the reality rises to that dream? In both ages and no time at all.

Following an indefinite delay from its planned September launch (itself a delay from the April release its Kickstarter billed), Mighty No. 9 now has a new release date: February 9th (possibly the 12th for us, depending whether digital oceans interfere). Sooner than that, though, a demo (also delayed) is now out for Kickstarter backers.

This post here explains how backers can access the demo. If you backed the game and have given the demo a bash, tell us how it is, yeah? Given the full launch is still five months away, how's it shaping up?

As for the delay to the main game, that was a bit fishy. Comcept had been trying to Kickstart a Mega Man Legends-ish action-RPG spin-off when rumours and retail listings suggested that Mighty No. 9 would be delayed. Comcept denied this, but two days after the Red Ash Kickstarter ended - failed - they announced that yep, MN9 wouldn't make September. Here, Kotaku recapped that little fuss.

Still, I suppose what'll matter come February is ultimately whether it's a decent game.

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