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Steady On Now: Democracy 3 DLC Dabbles In Extremism

Make newsreaders sing the national anthem

I couldn't tell you about the potential effects of tweaking tax by a few percentage points and I don't know if I'd be interested in exploring them. It's part of why I haven't played Democracy 3, I suppose, and why I'm an ill-informed garbage citizen. I'm a blue-sky thinker, me. I work in unconventional ideas. The big ones. Weird ones. The type Positech's government simulator is starting to dabble in with the release of its Extremism DLC. This arrived in the usual places yesterday at £4.99.

Extremism introduces policies from various extremes of the multi-armed political spectrum for governments to play with when people demand action. Big action. Big weird knee-jerk action which makes a real statement and has consequences we really haven't thought through. You can curry favour with policies like making schoolchildren and newsreaders sing the national anthem, mega-taxing the rich, forcing the unemployed to work for benefits, doing away with private education, banning divorce, outlawing same-sex marriages, allowing torture, holding secret trials, and so on.

Of course, quite how 'extreme' these policies seem will depend a lot on the politics of where you live, the life you've led, and your own personal views. Positech one-man studio Cliff Harris has mused:

I look forward to peoples debate and discussion when the expansion gets released. My politics are very fluid. I think a lot about what I think, and my politics change over time. Twenty years ago I was against positive discrimination, but now I have finally changed my mind. Analyzing your opinions on political issues, putting them into context and rationalizing them against the backdrop of your other views is a fascinating thing to do. It’s always good to re-examine what you believe.

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