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Democracy 3 Update Improves UI, Adds New Events

Security and finances revised

For a game about the inner workings of government, Democracy 3 [official site] is surprisingly violent. I don't think I've played a game of it - whether I built a land of hugs 'n' kisses or a brutal police state - which didn't end up with me being violently turfed out of office by explosions in Westminster. Maybe the new Democracy 3 update will help: it doesn't reduce the number of security threats, but it does make it easier to track how ready you are to deal with them.

Now when you look at your intelligence briefing and notice that your 'security effectiveness' rating is low, you can see the policies which are contributing to that and hopefully do something to change it. This is one of many small tweaks to the game's UI that this update brings, along with a finance screen that more clearly shows how effectively your money is being collected and spent, and 12 new achievements.

There's also a set of new events, which are political dilemmas you'll have to deal with during your term in power. The post about the update on the Positech site outlines the changes in the update, but it leaves these new events a mystery except for four small pictures. None of the pictures feature a dead pig's head.

Democracy 3 came out two year ago and its last update was one year ago, but if you're wondering wot I thought, you can read my Wot I Think. (Spoilers: I like it.)

Developer Cliff Harris runs through all of the game's changes in the video below:

Cover image for YouTube video

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