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Ghost Dick: Murdered - Soul Suspect

Meet the bell killer

In Murdered: Soul Suspect, the man who killed you is primed to strike again. Catching him will be hard, partly because you're a flimsy fedora ghost but mostly because this murderer leaves "no clues and no leads". That's according to the news reports in the trailer below, although they do mention immediately afterwards that a 'crude drawing of a bell' is left at the scene of the murders. That seems like it might be a clue, or maybe even a lead. Whether any information can be gleaned from the drawings or not, their existence has led to the perp being lumbered with 'The Bell Killer' as his murder-name. I was hoping that phantom protagonist Ronan O'Connor would make a grave reference to the fact that he met his bell end at the hands of the bell killer but, alas, it is not to be.

I keep thinking this is a David Cage game, partly because it has a colon and a soul in the title. Maybe it's that connection playing tricks on my eyes but the victim at the beginning of the trailer looks a bit like Ellen Page, doesn't she? Maybe Willem Dafoe will make an appearance at some point playing Denis Leary's ghost.

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