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Mother Fearest: Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer

Mr Ghost Detective And His Magic Hat

I have a piece of advice for the narrator of this Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer: follow-up with any questions you might have after your mother starts monologuing in vague terms about potential danger. She's talking about unseen things and and saying stuff like: "There's something out there," without elaborating. Why not sit down with her and ask for specifics? What sort of family is this? My mum used stare sadly out of the window and tell me there was a slate that needed to be wiped clean or we'd all suffer from poverty and sickness, and when I pressed her she'd tell me to do the dishes or I wouldn't get my pocket money. It pays to ask questions, and in that case I got £5 to spend on sweets.

I keep waiting for something silly to happen. Look at that pun in the title! It's a game about a ghost detective solving his own murder, using his haunting skills to possess people so he can read their notes and listen into conversations. It's basically bulletproof, even if the protagonist isn't. Go on, start having a bit of fun with it. Just a little. If I were a ghost, the first thing I'd do would be to sneak in to the Oscar ceremony and start ticking the presenters. Solving my own murder would be the last thing I'd get up to.

It's out on June 3rd.

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