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Deep Breath: Lunar Larks In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

15 minutes of narrated gameplay

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has me interested in Borderlands. So far I've found the series a so-so FPS and a so-so action-RPG, and throwing the two together didn't help either, but the Proquel (I can invent words too, see) at least has some fun ideas, mostly thanks to being set on a good old moon. Low-gravity is interesting to me, after years of server admins turning gravity down for jollies, and so's introducing oxygen as a resource to be collected, created, lost, and exploited. Watching 15 minutes of it in a new 'gameplay walkthrough' trailer doesn't make me want to play the game, but those ideas have given more enjoyment than playing Borderlands ever has.

See, the moon's a vacuum, and you carry a limited air supply. Your air will tick down as you run around outside of air bubbles, and you can squirt it away to power your jumppack, trading security for utility. Human enemies also need air, as one might imagine, so blasting their hats will start suffocating them. Men can't be on fire in the vacuum, though. Some players items and world objects can create air bubbles too. It all makes for interesting tactical options the original games didn't have. Or maybe air will only be a concern for a few hours until you find a big oxygen module.

I might not care for the game that the oxygen system's ended up in but, sweeping around an Electronics Boutique with a glass of wine in hand, I can appreciate parts of it and shall loudly declare so in the hope that someone within earshot will appreciate how intellectual I am. Thanks for that, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I shan't play you when you arrive this autumn, but I have enjoyed learning about you.

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