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Bloodsports.TV Looks Like Borderlands vs Smash TV

Hyperactive Krater sequel

Not every RPG has to be a roguelite now, y'know. Sometimes it's nice to kill and kill and kill without having to overly worry about getting killed. The hyper-violent Bloodsports.TV is the toon-styled sequel to post-apocalyptic Diablolike Krater, whose setting made it catnip to Jim back in 2012, but he came away feeling let down. The unpleasantly-named (at least, if like me, you grew up in an area mostly populated by wealthy farmers who positively revelled in vulpine slaughter) Bloodsports.TV is an amped-up sequel/spin-off which appears to borrow liberally from Borderlands' aesthetic. The manic tone too, it seems. Will this a more characterful ARPG make?

Well, let's have a look:

Cover image for YouTube video

Phew. OK, look I'm 36 tomorrow. It's fair to say that I'm long over being entertained by people shouting at me in silly voices, unless it's Rik Mayall. Softly-spoken passive aggression is much more my comfort zone these days. But a whole lot of people are big fans of hyperkinectic screechy humour, so it's not unwise to mine that rather than try and make something straight-faced. God knows there are far too many straight-faced ARPGs which douse their own hacky-slashy fire with endless, tiresome lore, after all.

Bloodsports also seems to take a few gore-smeared pages from Smash TV's timelessly exuberant book. Seems a bit more corridor-y than arena-y (plus there's a skill tree, inventory and stuff in there), but it's certainly going for that level of overkill.

I reckon I could have a giggle with this so long as I turned off a bunch of the dialogue and if I can round up some chums - it has a heavy co-op focus, after all (which is what can very often make Borderlands games sing even when at they're at their more annoying). We'll find out if its many noisy parts make a satisfying whole on April 8th. There'll be some sort of beta ahead of that, which you register interest in here.

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