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Shadow Wha? Oh! Huh! Platformer Juju Announced

Colourful platformer from the Shadow Warrior gang

After their first two games were Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior, I thought I had a handle on Flying Wild Hog. They make throwback first-person shooters with explosions and big guns and medkits and running backwards while shooting, right? Apparently people aren't forced to be pigeon-holed for their entire lives, as the developers have announced their third game, Juju, and its a mite different. It's still a bit of a harkening back to ye olden days, but this time their genre of choice is mid-nineties platformers starring cute animals.

Like one would expect from, in Flying Wild Hog's words, "a classic-style platformer," it's all about running, jumping, collecting trinkets which hover mysteriously in mid-air, and boss battles. These are said to range from robots to sea creatures, which I'm certainly both in favour off. It's got two-player co-op t'boot.

Flying Wild Hog expect to launch Juju this Autumn.

Oh, that'll be the nineties all right!

I've struggled to connect with this style of 2D platformer myself. I didn't particularly play them in my formative gaming years and am far too old to start now. I don't enjoy running and jumping on things or making pixel-perfect jumps or collecting twinkling hovertrinkets. I don't feel the fun I know others find in them. I dig the puzzling and shooting of Trine and the challenge of Super Meat Boy but happy-go-lucky jumpy platformers baffle me. I feel slightly daft writing about one.

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