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Max Plantain: My Friend Pedro

Banana Time

There are two reasons I'm posting about Adult Swim-hosted action platformer My Friend Pedro. The first is that it comes from an ex-Media Molecule designer who worked on the well-regarded Tearaway (which I really must get around to picking up for my dusty Vita before too long), and the other is that it's a gangster-murdering game about slo-mo combat which features what looks like a banana among its supporting cast. No matter whether the game be woeful or wonderful, that headline could not be squandered.

I know a banana and a plantain aren't the same thing, but c'mon.

Of course it's not woeful at all. Yeah, in the main it's a bit Shooty-Bang Flash Game With One Of Those Soundtracks That Your Mother Thinks All Videogames Sound Like, but it escalates well into fluid and large environments with some neat, ragdolly physics, and it has some fun with with the concept of Pedro, the titular banana/plantain chum.

It's free to play in your browser here, or here's a trailer if you're against that sort of thing.

File mostly under guilty pleasure, but it's done well and to be honest I've recently sold myself short on games about shooting things and going 'wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.' Speaking of which, I wonder what I'm in for with Wolfenstein next week.

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