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Fall Guys might be getting Portal and My Friend Pedro skins

Looks like Chell and Pedro could be on the way

The skins in Fall Guys are excellent. Mediatonic's Total Wipeout-like battle royale will let you wobble round its obstacle courses dressed as all manner of silly things - from cacti and hotdogs, to Half-Life's Gordon Freeman and Team Fortress 2's Scout. Now a leak claims that more cutesy crossover outfits are on the way, ones that will let you dress up as Pedro (the banana) from My Friend Pedro, and Chell (the human) from Portal.

Here they are, in their slightly murky leaked image glory. On the left there we have the Aperture Science lab rat herself, Chell, complete with portal gun and... hm, actually I can't quite tell if she's wearing Long Fall boots. That might be classed as cheating in Fall Guys anyways. That outfit is supposedly set to arrive in the game on September 3rd exclusively for PC.

It's already clear that Fall Guys has some deal with Valve to get a bunch of crossovers in. I'm hoping for some Atlas and P-Body skins from Portal 2. They're already very round! They'd fit perfectly on a Fall Guys bean.

On the right is our little banana friend Pedro, who could be coming to Fall Guys on September 6th. My Friend Pedro and Fall Guys are both published by Devolver, so yeah, makes sense.

Both of these potential upcoming skins would set you back ten Crowns a piece (five for the tops, and five for the bottoms). You can earn Crowns from winning matches, so it might be in your best interests to check out our Fall Guys guide for tips on how to win each round.

These leaks come from "HypeX", a well-known dataminer and Fortnite leaker. Previous posts of theirs found the TF2 Scout skin before it was revealed, so it seems they're a pretty reliable source for this sort of thing.

There's so much potential for excellent costumes in this game, but what sort of crossovers would you like to see, reader? Fans have been drawing skins they'd like to see, and some of the concepts are pretty cool.

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