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Fall Guys tips: how to win all 24 games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Why do we fall?

Fall Guys is a brilliant game which frequently makes you feel angry with yourself, and murderous towards the rest of humanity. But with our expert Fall Guys tips covering each of the 24 different games in this minigame-fuelled battle royale, you'll learn how to wield the human condition like a weapon, and outlive countless other Fall Guys to become the champion of Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys tips: how to win all 24 games

There are an impressive number of minigames in Fall Guys, and each one requires you to employ different tips and tactics in order to survive to the next round.

Below we've listed all 24 game modes in Fall Guys. Click the links to skip ahead to descriptions and top tips for each minigame!

Block Party | Dizzy Heights | Door Dash | Egg Scramble | Fall Ball | Fall Mountain | Fruit Chute | Gate Crash | Hex-A-Gone | Hit Parade | Hoarders | Hoopsie Daisy | Jinxed | Jump Club | Perfect Match | Rock 'N' Roll | Roll Out | Royal Fumble | See Saw | Slime Climb | Tail Tag | Team Tail Tag | The Whirlygig | Tip Toe

Please note: all video clips have been taken from the official Fall Guys site.

Fall Guys: Block Party

Block Party tips

Block Party is an elimination-style game where all players stand on a short, wide platform and avoid being knocked off by large blocks which periodically sweep across the entire platform.

Here are our top tips for Block Party:

  • Always, always keep your camera directed towards the front of the stage so you can see what blocks are approaching.
  • Don't try to be first to reach the sides, because then you'll be last when it's time to run the other way. Try to stay in roughly the centre of the pack, with padding (in the form of other players) either side of you.

Dizzy Heights tips

Dizzy Heights is a race-style game which is characterized by lots of large spinning plates which must be carefully navigated in order to avoid being thrown off the platforms.

Here are our top tips for Dizzy Heights:

  • Just follow the arrows. That's really all there is to this game mode. Follow the arrows.
  • Remember to jump onto the the large spinners at the end of the level, because there's a hidden gap between the platforms and if you don't jump, you'll fall off the level.

Fall Guys: Door Dash

Door Dash tips

Door Dash is a race-style game where you must pass through sets of doors, some of which open when dove through, but some of which do not budge. As you get nearer to the finish line, the number of doors per set decreases.

Here are our top tips for Door Dash:

  • Avoid being at the front of the pack until you're reaching the final one or two sets of doors. If you're at the front too early you risk being hampered horribly by fake doors.
  • Don't dive through every doorway - but do dive through the final door, so you gain as much distance as possible when you fall off the ledge.

Egg Scramble tips

Egg Scramble is a team game where each of the three teams has a basket area in their corner of the map, and you must race to collect eggs from the centre of the platform and place them in your team's basket. The team with the least eggs in their basket by the end of the time limit is eliminated.

Here are our top tips for Egg Scramble:

  • The surest way to win Egg Scramble is to play a solid defence of your own territory. The rest of your team won't bother, so it's down to you.
  • Golden Eggs are worth 5 points each, so they're much more valuable than regular eggs. Stealing an opponent's golden egg is the only task that should be higher on your priorities list than playing defence.

Fall Guys: Fall Ball

Fall Ball tips

Fall Ball is a team game in the style of football, where two teams must score goals against one another by batting and rolling giant balls into giant goals. The losing team is the one with the lowest score when the time limit expires.

Here are our top tips for Fall Ball:

  • A couple of seconds after a goal is scored, a new ball descends from the sky in the centre of the pitch. Time your header just right to catapult that new ball over everyone's heads and into the opponent's goal.
  • If your team is lacking in defence, it is your job to stop trying to score goals, and just stay in your goal to defend as much as possible.

Fall Mountain tips

Fall Mountain is one of three final rounds in Fall Guys. It is a race up a long slope covered with challenging obstacles. At the top is a golden crown which must be grabbed. The first player to grab the crown wins the match.

Here are our top tips for Fall Mountain:

  • Don't panic if you see that someone is ahead of you. The falling boulders and even the rise and fall of the crown can act as an equaliser allowing you a chance at victory as long as you remain calm.
  • Pay appropriate respect to those spinning hammers near the end. They are more challenging than you think. Time your jump/dive well.

Fall Guys: Fruit Chute

Fruit Chute tips

Fruit Chute is a race-style game where the entire platform is a conveyor belt. You must race against the current of the conveyor battle, avoiding massive fruits which are lobbed at you by cannons to either side of the platform.

Here are our top tips for Fruit Chute:

  • You are safer near the edges, but you are not safe. You still need to be watchful for fruits - particularly large sweeping fruits like the banana.
  • Be wary of the rolling log that runs down the centre conveyor belt. Time your jump right, but if the log arrives at the same time as a fruit, you're better off dodging left or right than jumping over.

Gate Crash tips

Gate Crash is a race-style game featuring sets of gates which continuously raise and lower themselves. You must time your jumps right so that you jump over the gates rather than smashing into them.

Here are our top tips for Gate Crash:

  • As you approach a new set of gates, always aim for a gate that is currently blocking your path. By the time you actually reach it, it will have lowered.
  • There is a gap after the final set of gates which must be cleared with a jump, or better yet a dive. But try to dive at the apex of your jump so you're as high as possible, or you risk getting caught by the gates.

Hex-A-Gone tips

Hex-A-Gone is one of three final rounds in Fall Guys which takes place atop multiple layers of hex-shaped tiles which disappear shortly after being stepped on. Players start on the top layer, and must avoid falling down beyond the bottom layer for as long as possible. The last player standing wins the match.

Here are our top tips for Hex-A-Gone:

  • Stay as far away from other players as possible because they will attempt to make you fall. If possible, run fast at first so you divide a section of the starting layer off for yourself, then take as long as possible jumping from tile to tile in that section.
  • A jump will clear one or two tiles, and a good dive will clear three tiles. So don't panic when you start to run out of tiles, because you can often jump to another section on the same layer.

Fall Guys: Hit Parade

Hit Parade tips

Hit Parade is a race-style game where you must reach the finish line, bypassing numerous obstacles such as spinning doors and pendulums. Is is probably the most generic "obstacle course" in Fall Guys, as there is no particular feature which sets it apart from the other games.

Here are our top tips for Hit Parade:

  • The challenging part of Hit Parade (the place you're most likely to get caught) is the spinning doors and the yellow sliding wall. Follow the tide of players through the spinners, but look ahead at the sliding wall so you time your push right.
  • Hug the edge when you move up the slippery slope at the end, and you won't have to worry about the obstacles.

Hoarders tips

Hoarders is a team game where the aim is to have as many balls in your team's region of the level as possible when the time runs out. Players can run into opposing teams' regions in order to steal balls and move them into their own territory. The team with the fewest balls in their region when time runs out is eliminated.

Here are our top tips for Hoarders:

  • Players tend to be more mindful of defence in Hoarders than other similar games, so you should take a look at the state of your team and decide whether to attack or defend.
  • A well-timed jump is far better than a gradual push, or even a dive. Height is what you're aiming for with the balls in Hoarders.

Hoopsie Daisy tips

Hoopsie Daisy is a team game where players must run about the platform, diving through the hoops which appear in random spots across the level. Diving through a hoop scores a point for your team, and removes that hoop from the level, so other players can't score with it. The team with the fewest points after the timer ends is eliminated.

Here are our top tips for Hoopsie Daisy:

  • Don't bother going for hoop if you're not already the closest player to it. Instead, stick to a section of the level (preferably far away from others in your team) and aim to be first through any hoops that appear in that section.
  • The golden hoop is worth 5 points, making it far more valuable than regular hoops. But again, there's no point getting sidetracked by even the golden hoop if you're nowhere near it when it appears. Don't just chase hoops.

Jinxed tips

Jinxed is a team game in the style of "tag" games such as Bulldog. A certain number of players on each team start the game "jinxed", with purple clouds floating around them. Jinxed players can grab un-jinxed opponents to jinx them. The first team to have all their players jinxed is eliminated.

Here are our top tips for Jinxed:

  • You can use the spinners and the pendulum for a burst of speed in an unexpected direction, either to escape jinxed enemies or to close the gap as the jinxer.
  • With just one or two unjinxed left on each team, if you're jinxed it's often better to run interference and defend your remaining unjinxed if you don't see anyone for you to jinx nearby.

Jump Club tips

Jump Club is an elimination-style game taking place on a small circular platform with two spinning arms (one low, one high) which must be avoided in order to stay on the platform.

Here are our top tips for Jump Club:

  • The key to Jump Club is looking ahead. At times the two arms will sync up, and you'll need to be preferably on the opposite side of the platform from the arms when that happens.
  • A very slight and niche advantage is given to those nearer the centre, because if you do get swept, it'll take longer for you to be pushed off and eliminated if you're near the centre.

Fall Guys: Perfect Match

Perfect Match tips

Perfect Match is an elimination-style game which relies on memory more than movement. The platform is comprised of tiles, which periodically flash certain fruits. At the end of a sequence of flashes, the billboards around the platform will display a certain fruit. After a few seconds, all tiles which didn't display that fruit disappear, causing players who didn't find the displayed fruit quickly enough to plummet to their deaths.

Here are our top tips for Perfect Match:

  • Your aim with each sequence is to simply commit to memory a single tile for each fruit type. It's a good idea to stick near the middle so you can reach any part of the level quickly.
  • Generally it's best to follow the majority if you're not sure. But if you're in a party with friends, you can group up and attempt to bait other players by standing on the wrong tile until the last second.

Rock 'N' Roll tips

Rock 'N' Roll is a team game divided into three lanes which converge into a single downward slope. Each team must roll their boulder down their lane and down the slope in order to score in the goal at the bottom of the platform. The last team to score is eliminated.

Here are our top tips for Rock 'N' Roll:

  • A big part of Rock 'N' Roll is the ability to run interference on enemy boulders once you get to the slope. But it hurts your team to go running ahead to the slope too early. Run ahead once you're two thirds of the way through your lane.
  • It's far easier to block a boulder that is pushed up against the edge of the slope. This means there is an advantage to the team who starts in the central lane.

Fall Guys: Roll Out

Roll Out tips

Roll Out is an elimination-style game taking place on a cylinder made up of rings which rotate in alternating directions. The aim is simply to survive by avoiding falling off the cylinder.

Here are our top tips for Roll Out:

  • It is important to look ahead in Roll Out, so you don't make a mistake by staying on a ring for too long, or jumping to a neighbouring ring at the wrong moment.
  • Grabbing and pushing each other is very common in Roll Out, so try to stay away from other players as much as possible if you want to survive, and always stay on the move.

Royal Fumble tips

Royal Fumble is one of three final rounds in Fall Guys. One player begins the game wearing a tail. Other players can grab the tailed player in order to steal their tail. The player who possesses the tail at the moment that the timer runs out is declared the winner of the match.

Here are our top tips for Royal Fumble:

  • Patience is the key to success in Royal Fumble. It doesn't matter how long you have the tail, it only matters who has the tail at the end. Often it's best to just wait somewhere to intercept the tailed player in the final few seconds.
  • You can toggle player names in order to see where players are, even through walls. This gives you some extra warning when you have a tail but someone is attempting to ambush you.

See Saw tips

See Saw is a race-style game where players must race across numerous massive see-saws which tilt with the weight of the players racing across them.

Here are our top tips for See Saw:

  • The advantage goes to the player who cooperates with their opponents, rather than the player who attempts to screw others over. Attempt to balance out see-saws whenever you can.
  • Don't jump on the see-saws. Not even if it's tilting and you're panicking. It doesn't help.

Fall Guys: Slime Climb

Slime Climb tips

Slime Climb is a race-style game where you must race across the zig-zagging level and reach the finish line. As time goes on, the level gradually fills with slime which will eliminate any player that touches it.

Here are our top tips for Slime Climb:

  • You can jump on the triangular barrier parallel to the final pusher block near the end. If you time it right, you can skip the entire pusher block section.
  • If you're not feeling quite that daring, the next best thing is to be ultra-patient through the pusher blocks. Don't rush, or you'll be punished. Just trust that most other players who do rush past you will be punished for it. Slow and steady wins the race.

Tail Tag tips

Tail Tag is an elimination-style game. Numerous players will begin the game wearing a tail. Other players can grab tailed players in order to steal their tail. All players without tails at the moment that the timer runs out are eliminated.

Here are our top tips for Tail Tag:

  • You can jump to the centre of one of the large spinning hammers, and you'll be relatively safe there because the hammer will often intercept players looking to steal your tail.
  • It doesn't matter how long you have the tail - only who has a tail at the end. So the final 20-30 seconds is where you should really focus on finding and keeping a tail.

Fall Guys: Team Tail Tag

Team Tail Tag tips

Team Tail Tag is a team game which plays out in exactly the same way as Tail Tag - but instead of all players without tails being eliminated, at the end of the time limit the team that owns the fewest tails is eliminated.

Here are our top tips for Team Tail Tag:

  • You're not safer sticking with your teammates, because a cluster of tails together is more of a target. Try to stay away from everyone, including your own team.
  • Use the conveyors at the centre and the spinning hammers to give yourself a burst of speed to escape having your tail stolen.

The Whirlygig tips

The Whirlygig is a race-style game where the platforms are dominated by rotating arms which sweep across the stage, and windmills which force you to time your jumps correctly.

Here are our top tips for The Whirlygig:

  • Being swept by a rotating arm early on isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can actually gain a huge headstart if you time it right.
  • In the second half of the level, take one of the side routes rather than the central windmill section, but then jump across to the central platform just below the windmills. This is a shortcut that will get you to the finish line faster.

Tip Toe tips

Tip Toe is a race-style game where the platform is made up of tiles, only some of which are real tiles. Fake tiles will disappear when you step on them, plummetting you to your death (to respawn safely at the start of the level). The real tiles make up a path leading players to the finish line.

Here are our top tips for Tip Toe:

  • It's okay to go fast and reckless near the start of the game, because you're not going to be punished much for falling. But as the path nears the finish line, you should start to be much more careful.
  • You don't have to follow the platform exactly. Remember that you can jump or dive forwards. And this also means you just need to get close enough to the finish platform that you can dive over to it.

And that concludes our top Fall Guys tips for every single minigame so far! If you know of a minigame-specific tip that we haven't covered in this guide, be sure to let us know in the comments. Together, we can beat the human condition.

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