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Fall Guys' developers accidentally uploaded source files to Steam

It's a knockout

A recent Fall Guys update on Steam included a bunch of files in a folder called "BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame". The folder, which is auto-generated by Unity, includes a bunch of source files. The files were removed the following day, but their leak is potentially bad news for devleopers Mediatonic and their efforts to stop cheating in Fall Guys.

The inclusion of the files was spotted by SteamDB co-founder Pavel Djundik, who posted about it on Twitter yesterday:

The folder was uploaded at 9:33am on May 13th and then removed at 2pm on May 14th

The files are seemingly from IL2CPP, a scripting backend that you can use within Unity, and which Unity then converts to C++ when assembling a project. I am not a programmer, but it seems like it contains PDB debug files and C++ code.

If the folder did contain source code, and if it's still out there in the wild somewhere despite its removal from Steam, then that might make it easier for cheaters to work with Fall Guys because they wouldn't need to do any reverse-engineering of its code. That's a lot of ifs, though, so hopefully this remains a harmless mistake.

Mistakes on Steam seem to be becoming more commonplace of late. Last month it looked like Rockstar accidentally deleted a bunch of their games from Steam, and then accidentally put Midnight Club 2 back on sale when restoring them.

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