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Final Fantasy 14’s Fall Guys minigame looks like wonderful chaos, and we’ll be able to play it this month

A crowning achievement

Final Fantasy 14 characters platform across the MMO's Fall Guys minigame course
Image credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14’s crossover with Fall Guys looks as gloriously chaotic as the original mean bean gauntlet - and it’s out very soon. The incoming minigame playable inside the MMO will see 24 Warriors of Light race across Fall Guys courses given a Final Fantasy-themed twist.

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The Fall Guys crossover with Final Fantasy 14 was revealed earlier this year, landing as a minigame in FFXVI’s Gold Saucer during the MMO’s pre-Dawntrail 6.5 series of patches while FF14-themed costumes make their way into the multiplayer party game in return.

At this weekend’s Final Fantasy Fan Festival in London, producer-director Naoki Yoshida revealed that the Fall Guys minigame would be playable in Final Fantasy 14 from October 31st, arriving in the 6.51 update.

A trailer for the collaboration showed two dozen Warriors of Light racing across courses modelled after the colourful inflatable-like gauntlets of Fall Guys, needing to hop between platforms, dodge moving obstacles such as swinging axes - highlighted like area-of-effect attacks - and deal with status effects that send them spinning or sliding across ice to make it to the victory crown.

Final Fantasy 14 characters wearing Fall Guys gear from the minigame crossover
Image credit: Square Enix

There’ll be some extra challenges in the form of Final Fantasy’s swordsman Yojimbo and windy enemy Typhon, who will send players flying if they’re not careful.

Making it through the courses will reward players with unique gear and prizes, with purple T-shirts and leggings featuring Fall Guys’ bean mascot modelled by in-game characters, along with new shoes and bean-shaped hats. Meanwhile, Fall Guys will see chocobo-themed items and FF14 heroes Alisae and Alphinaud added as costumes for beans.

While the Fall Guys minigame will be added to the Gold Saucer from the end of this month, Yoshida confirmed that it will cycle in and out of availability, only be playable for limited periods. Yoshida didn’t provide any details on how frequently the minigame would cycle.

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