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Fall Guys goes free to play but exclusive to Epic Games Store from today

It’s already been removed from sale on Steam

Wacky battle royale Fall Guys is going free to play from today, so you no longer have any excuses not to try it other than an inability to decide on an outfit for your bean to wear. I’m partial to the giant foam hand costume myself. However, Fall Guys has also been removed from sale on Steam so it can become an Epic Games Store exclusive. Don’t worry if you already own the game on Steam though, because you’ll still have access through Valve’s launcher. Here’s some bouncy Free For All update gameplay in the trailer below.

Fall Guys' Free For All update bounces onto the Epic Games Store today, while the game is no longer purchaseable on Steam.Watch on YouTube

Existing owners get a legacy pack of free stuff including the new season pass. Mediatonic have finally added party voice chat to the game, so there's that too. Falling beans will now automatically grab and climb ledges as well – it's enabled by default for newbies but old hands, presumably foam, will have to fumble for it in the settings. You can read the full release notes from Mediatonic about what changes are coming to Fall Guys with the Free For All update from today.

Mediatonic announced last month that Fall Guys was going free to play across all platforms with this Free For All update, with full crossplay and cross-progression support included. The Free For All update introduces seven new rounds, which you can see in the trailer. Volleyfall looks fun and pretty much what you’d expect given the name. Hex-a-ring, however, looks like if classic British telly show Blockbusters was turned into a massive rotating death platform, so I’m well up for that. Mediatonic say there’s another, secret round launching later in the season.

Fall Guys will be free to play from today on the Epic Games Store, and is also coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Dust off your bean suits.

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