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Fall Guys Season 4.5 is out, with 1v1 battles, a new arena, and crossplay

Fall Guys Season 4.5 is out, with 1v1 battles, a new arena, and crossplay

Battle royale stumble sim Fall Guys is refreshing things with a new update. The mid-season 4.5 patch brings a couple of arenas to the game, custom lobbies, console and PC matchmaking, and more. Let's have a look.

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The 1v1 quick-fire mode, Button Bashers, is a mini-arena that splits all the players into a game against a single opponent. The goal is to bounce around the arena activating the lit buttons before the countdown ends. The person with the most buttons bashed is obviously the winner. That would be me, FYI. I’ve been the button champion of the world ever since I asked my mum if I could press the pelican crossing button. Since then, no-one has ever gotten to one before me.

A new level joins the game, too. The multi-puzzle Slimescraper is a tower wreathed in obstacles, like laser swings, conveyor belts, and a new addition to the game’s arsenal: rotating blades. There should be plenty of shortcuts for sneaky beans to exploit, and reaching the end will confront you with a giant, slime coated pinball machine. I’ll take the pacifist approach and just curl up at the bottom of it with a nice book.

This patch is also the beginning of PC and PS4 crossplay. Though you can’t have cross-platform parties as of yet, you can join mixed platform games. Players are able to host their own games, too.

The full release notes are here for anyone wanting to know if they’ve nerfed the throwing strength of players. I wouldn't spoil that for you.

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