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Fall Guys - Ultimate Knockout

2 weeks ago

Fall Guys mid-season update adds remixed levels and a giant hammer

Fall Guys, evidently, did not have enough hammers in it. With a few weeks still to go before the game goes castle crashing into its next season, Mediatonic are bringing out the toolkit for a mid-season update. Today's patch shakes up the bouncy battle royale with remixed levels and the irregular appearance of a colossal spectral mallet called "Big Yeetus".

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Fall Guys used to banish cheaters to secret cheater-only servers

As is the way with competitive multiplayer games, cheaters gonna cheat their way to cheap wins. Fall Guys is no different, despite appearing adorable and lighthearted. Folks really want those crowns without breaking a sweat. Mediatonic have revealed a now-closed secret set of servers where cheaters were once banished. They've shut it down now, but cheaters will still be getting the boot with some new…

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1 month ago

Fall Guys charity contest earns $1 million pledge to Special Effect

Two weeks ago, Mediatonic challenged popular gaming brands and personalities to a charity bidding war. The prize would be a Fall Guys skin dedicated to the one that pledged the highest donation to gaming accessibility organisation Special Effect. The contest has run its course and Mediatonic have declared a $1 million (£748k) group pledge the winner.

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Fall Guys season 2 will get medieval on your ass in October

A whole lot of medieval foolishness with knights, dragons, castles, and drawbridges is coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with season 2 in October. Developers Mediatonic today gave a small peek at what's to come and yeah, it looks like more Fall Guys - which the main thing Fall Guys needs, really, just more of itself.

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Fall Guys disables Steam Family Sharing to boot out cheaters

Why someone would cheat in a light-hearted game about jelly beans throwing themselves down obstacle courses is beyond me. Yet, Fall Guys seems to be rife with these losers. If you've not seen it yourself, some players have felt the need to use cheats in the colourful battle royale that allow them to fly over levels to nab themselves a cheap win. Mediatonic have already…

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This mod lets you conquer Skyrim with a horde of tiny Fall Guys

What's your favourite Fall Guys minigame? See Saw? Door Dash? That weird thing with the eggs? I, for one, prefer the one where your merry band of tic-tacs slay the elder dragon Alduin. Now I understand that's not a very "official" route to claiming a crown or two - but thanks to modder m150, you can now traipse around The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special…

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Fall Guys will debut a sneak peek at season 2 next week

I've barely made my way to level 12 of 40 in the first season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout so of course Mediatonic are already talking about teasing the second. Would you all give me a minute? I need to earn at least one crown the proper way before you sweep me into some fresh hell. A sneak peek at what's coming next will debut…

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Fine, Fall Guys is probably a better name than Stumble Chums

Would Fall Guys have been half as popular if it'd been called Fool's Gauntlet? How about Stumble Chums? I'm quite fond of the latter myself, so it's probably for the best I'm not Jeff Tanton. The Mediatonic creative director today posted a whimsical dive into Fall Guys' early life, winding a wobbly trail through concept art, ditched names and winning over publishers with Japanese gameshow…

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Streamer TimTheTatman finally won at Fall Guys so maybe there’s hope for me too

I don't even watch "TimTheTatman"s Twitch streams and I'm well aware that he's been struggling for over a week to win a single game of Fall Guys - Ultimate Knockout. As a big name streamer, or so I gather, Tim wasn't allowed to suffer in silence. Oh no, his repeated and shameful failures were commented on by his viewers, his streaming friends, Twitch, and even…

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Fall Guys offers to add a skin for the brand that makes highest charity donation

So far as I can tell, everyone's fallen hard for Fall Guys - Ultimate Knockout, the ideal blend of slapstick physics and competitive rage. The skins you can deck out your little fellas with are something else—from birds to pirates to dinosaurs. Mediatonic are betting that brands would quite like to slap their colors on a skin for gaming's current darling. They've challenged interested parties…

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2 months ago

Fall Guys might be getting Portal and My Friend Pedro skins

The skins in Fall Guys are excellent. Mediatonic's Total Wipeout-like battle royale will let you wobble round its obstacle courses dressed as all manner of silly things - from cacti and hotdogs, to Half-Life's Gordon Freeman and Team Fortress 2's Scout. Now a leak claims that more cutesy crossover outfits are on the way, ones that will let you dress up as Pedro (the banana)…

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Fall Guys stop existing when they stop competing, says senior designer

"The first one pager we put together for Fall Guys was basically gifs of Takeshi's Castle, and basically it was like 'Gang Beasts + Mario Party + Battle Royale'. I'm not joking, it wasn't really much more than that that got the game signed".I'm watching an interview with Fall Guys senior designer Joe Walsh, and it's almost as lovely as the game wot he helped…

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Fall Guys Fans are already drawing loads of great skin concepts

It's been but a single week since Fall Guys came out, and the internet is filled with all kinds of delightful fan art of those wobbly racing jelly beans. One of the fun things about Mediatonic's colourful battle royale, is that you're able to dress up your little player characters in all kinds of silly outfits, so a lot of this fan art has brought…

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Fall Guys is adding a new final round level today

I was today years old when I learned that Mediatonic's bean-based battle royale, Fall Guys, has more than one final level. I've played the game a bunch, and yet I've only ever played the one where you have to jump for that dang crown! Perhaps my luck will change with today's update though, because the game is getting a new level for the final beans…

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Feature: Why do we fall?

Fall Guys tips: how to win all 24 games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is a brilliant game which frequently makes you feel angry with yourself, and murderous towards the rest of humanity. But with our expert Fall Guys tips covering each of the 24 different games in this minigame-fuelled battle royale, you'll learn how to wield the human condition like a weapon, and outlive countless other Fall Guys to become the champion of Ultimate Knockout.

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The Fall Guys devs are discussing a level editor, but warn it’s a “huge undertaking”

Fall Guys came out last week and took the world by freak jelly storm. Over two million people have played it on Steam alone, which strikes me as an appropriately silly number for a game where 60 beans must complete ridiculous obstacle courses. As I just said in my Fall Guys review, the first few hours are a treat.Sadly, I'm nearly ready to stop Falling.…

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Feature: Bouncing beans burn brightly, but briefly

Fall Guys review

Videogames make me squeal a lot. Most people I've lived with have commented on this fact, with varying degrees of approval. Mostly people say it's nice, because they're usually squeals of joy, and usually come immediately after a pal has just done something ridiculous in Valorant or something. Even so, when I tell you that I spent my first half an hour or so with…

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Feature: Look without to look within

What Fall Guys can teach us about the nature of humanity

What makeths a man? The finest minds of our generation have already pitted their wits against this most fundamental of questions, and you may (fairly!) scoff at any newcomer with the audacity to trample over established wisdom with his own. Nevertheless, that is exactly what I shall now endeavor to do, for I believe I have access to a vital cultural artifact my predecessors were…

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Everyone loves Fall Guys, so here are some amazing falls, guys

The battle-royale-but-not-like-that videogame known as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has exploded. In a good way. Everyone and their squishy cartoon dog has been playing it, to the point where developers Mediatonic had to repeatedly take down their servers for beefing purposes.It's a game show in the vein of Total Wipeout, or possibly an extremely squidgy version of Takeshi's castle. Players are whittled down from 60…

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There are no more obstacles to playing Fall Guys, because it’s out now

The latest twist on the ‘royale’ genre, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is out today. I had a quick run around it to write this post because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was dragged into a colourful, bizarre obstacle course with 59 other people. The brief time I spent with it was more of a last-place simulator, sadly. I was humiliated.

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