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Fall Guys disables Steam Family Sharing to boot out cheaters

Cracking down on those flying beans

Why someone would cheat in a light-hearted game about jelly beans throwing themselves down obstacle courses is beyond me. Yet, Fall Guys seems to be rife with these losers. If you've not seen it yourself, some players have felt the need to use cheats in the colourful battle royale that allow them to fly over levels to nab themselves a cheap win.

Mediatonic have already been banning cheaters for a while, but now they've figured out that disabling Steam Family Sharing stops some of those bad beans from coming back.

This doesn't seem like a permanent measure, more of a stopgap until the devs figure out a better way to put cheaters down for good. This comes after Mediatonic said the other week that they'd been "tuning the detection criteria" for cheaters, and already noticed a decent drop in the numbers. At the moment, when Fall Guys detects cheaters it doesn't ban them until the end of the match, but the devs want "to start taking more immediate action soon".

In slightly more exciting and pleasant news for Fall Guys, it has now hit 7 million units on Steam and Season 2 is set to be revealed tomorrow during Gamescom's Opening Night Live stream. It's a brilliant little game (Matt's Fall Guys review can attest to that), but I do wonder how they're going to top what they've done already. More levels would be nice.

Fall Guys is available on Steam if you wanna give it a go. Though, some of the Fall Guys are also available in Skyrim, if you fancy messing around with some mods.

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