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Fall Guys adds a slime survival playlist that will try to trip you up

Don't call in the pink drink

Fall Guys season two is trucking along with new surprises each week. Today, the gauntlet playlist has been thrown out and been replaced with the Slime Survivor show instead. Mediatonic have also bumped up the rate at which you'll see the new medieval rounds in rotation. They've mentioned some other requested features coming next week as well.

The new Slime Survivor playlist appears to be basically what it sounds like: any round where falling into the pink goo down below will get you eliminated. I happened to get slapped into a round of Roll Out followed by Perfect Match and Slime Climb. Mediatonic say that Hex-A-Gone and Jump Showdown are the possible final rounds. I'm absolutely all for another playlist that seems to eliminate team games, but wowza opening a show with 60 people on Roll Out was a bit too cozy for my liking.

Adjustments that came with today's update include an increased chance to see medieval rounds in all shows, meaning the new Knight Fever, Wall Guys, and other rounds added with season two. You'll also see fewer nicknames and nameplates in your personal store. Thank goodness. I remember three out of my six store items on Tuesday were nicknames.

Mediatonic say a hotfix is coming early next week with some fixes for issues in various rounds. Most importantly for those of us who play with pals though, you'll finally see your teammates first when in spectator mode. No more getting disqualified and then hopelessly cycling through 45 other Fall Guys trying to spot your pal's costume.

By the by, when I jumped in to check out the new playlist I happened to spot a heck of a lot of people wearing that new Fall Guys Sonic costume. Where did you people get all these crowns? Asking as the peasant whose head shall never be graced by one.

Slime Survivors will be one of the show selector choices until next Friday, October 23rd.

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