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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout finally tumbles into Season 2

Ye olde stumble chums.

Gather ye longswords and witchy hats, stumble chums. Ye olde bean-basher Fall Guys just got a whole lot more medieval with the arrival of the game's second season. Charging into wibbly wobbly battle today, Mediatonic have freshened up their fumble royale with a king's bounty of new stages, costumes, features and more, each flaunting a frightfully feudal flair.

Following a long drip-feed of announcements, Fall Guys's long-awaited second season arrives today - lowering the drawbridge on a range of swords 'n' sorcery themed rounds and cosmetics.

So, what's new in Season 2? Four new stages, is what, including the torturous Knight Fever teased earlier this week. Besides their "hardest gauntlet level yet", though, there's also the castle-climbing Wall Guys, Egg Seige and Hoopsie Legend. A new Show Selector will now give you a little more control over what you play, with time-limited modes exclusively featuring certain categories of game.

There's the expected wardrobe of new cosmetics, of course, packed with ye olde medieval flair. But you'll now be able to randomise your look from items you own, while new banners and nameplates have been added to expand the range of customisation. There are some small quality of life tweaks too, including a tweak to make mantling up ledges more responsive.

That's all the patch notes have to say for now, at least. But Mediatonic have already teased a few more additions due to arrive this season, from more generous crown rewards to a menacing spiked rolling pin named Thicc Bonkus. I'd also expect new rounds and a few more surprises to arrive before Fall Guys Season 2 finally runs its course.

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