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Watch out, Big Yeetus - Thicc Bonkus is heading to Fall Guys

It's the community's fault, honest.

I cannot forgive Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for making me write that headline. With Season 2 of Mediatonic's bean-stumbling battle royale just around the corner, the devs have announced another randomly-appearing obstacle designed to pop out of nowhere and ruin your day, following up on last season's giant hammer with a massive new spike-covered roller. There's just, well, something about the name.

With Fall Guys' second season of wibbly-wobbly-Wipeout set to kick off this Thursday, Mediatonic have been clueing us in on what to expect from the bean brigade's next outing. Yesterday's drop introduced us to a devilish new level, but that's not the only danger our stumble chums face next season.

Enter Thicc Bonkus:

Now, to their credit, Mediatonic didn't come up with the name themselves. Rather, the devs let the community vote on suggestions for next season's obstacle. I wouldn't let Mediatonic off that lightly, however - the expectations for such a heckin doggo pupperoni name were already set with Big Yeetus' arrival in last month's midseason update.

Still, it looks like Thicc Bonkus will play a similar role to Big Yeetus. Along with remixed versions of existing stages, that colossal hammer was added to help liven up rounds by appearing out of thin air at random to give your bean a boot up the bum. Its successor isn't even waiting for season 2 to settle in, and will start battering beans from the start of this week's new season.

Name aside, its twists like these that'll help keep Fall Guys feeling fresh in the long run - a problem Matt felt the game struggled to tackle back in his Fall Guys review. Beyond daft hammers, Season 2 will also add randomised cosmetics and a steadier drip of Crowns to spend when it kicks off this Thursday.

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