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Fall Guys stumbles into season two on October 8th

Get ready for a fresh dose of defeat

As they do, Mediatonic have been dripping out details about Fall Guys season two before it lands this month. Torturous new obstacles and maps are coming when the fumble royale game goes medieval. Now at last we know the second season begins on October 8th. As a treat, there will be a few days of double experience points beforehand in case you need to wrap up those season one rewards.

Season two is kicking off just a few days later than most folks had guessed. Previously, the in-game menu suggested that season one would wrap on October 5th. Mediatonic have announced that the changeover is actually happening next Thursday, October 8th. They'll also double the fame points (experience) you earn starting on Monday the 5th, which aught to help out folks looking to put a pin in that season one reward track. You don't want to waddle into season two with only half a hotdog costume like I will, do you?

Fall Guys already remixed some levels last month to shake up you meta strat pros and season two will do more of the same. A new map that they're referring to as Wall Guys will challenge all you stumble beans to cooperate by shoving giant blocks around to scale larger and larger walls. They've also posted some other teaser images suggesting that Egg Scramble and Hoopsie Daisy will be getting new maps. Whether those are replacements or variants isn't clear.

The other big change for season two is that there will be a total of 21 crowns to win just for making progress in the season reward track. For those of us that still have no properly-won crowns, it'll mean being able to actually snag a rare costume for once. Thank goodness. I can only do so much with my loser-tier fashion. Rookie pants and pigeon head is a good combo, right?

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