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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout defrosts its third season today

Fall Guys go brrrr.

The weather outside is frightful, and it's not looking much better in the bumbling stumbling world of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Mediatonic's wobble royale has entered its chilly third season, Winter Knockout, bringing in a blurry on seasonal new stages, suitably cosy new cosmetics, and - as an extra treat for us PC folks - the arrival of private lobbies that'll let you tumble through the game's challenges with 59 of your closest mates.

Fall Guys? Shoulda called it Winter Guys, eh lads! That's a fun little joke for the Americans in the audience.

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Fittingly, Fall Guys' first winter brings in a whole load of frozen new challenges. There are seven new minigames entering the rotation, ranging from the simple downhill racing of Ski Fall to Pegwin Pursuit, which sees you chasing down those delightfully cute animatronic flappers. There's no official word on our old friend Ringus Dingus, mind, but I'm sure he'll show his cruel face sooner or later.

To help your beans fit into the new environments, Fall Guys has opened a collection of wintry cosmetics, including festive elf getups, reindeer fursuits and wonderfully hideous snowsports jackets. Season 3 also introduces a Crown Rank, unlocking new tiers of rewards with each crown won, leading to golden outfits to dress yourself up in.

Finally, Season 3 introduces private lobbies to PC versions of the game, letting you set up custom games for up to 60 people. For now, it looks like access to these is invite-only for streamers and such, but everyone should get their hands on the feature as soon as it's polished up. There's also a small number of bug fixes and improvements, a list of which can be found over on the Season 3 patch notes.

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