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Fall Guys devs opening another studio

What are they making?

The Fall Guys stooges at Mediatonic this week announced they've found a spot for new studio in Leamington Spa, which I suppose means they can go ahead and open one. They initially announced plans for a studio in the English spa town back in February, but they hadn't created a gaming sensation at that point so, y'know, fewer people were interested in the news. What are Mediatonic working on? While they say they have a few projects on the go, they only name one: Fall Guys, obvs.

"With a long-term commitment to creating engaging seasonal content for the Fall Guys playerbase and with plenty of other exciting projects in the pipeline, there should be some great opportunities for people looking to take their next step in games with Mediatonic," the company said in a press release. Yeah, they're hiring. You can see some photos of the spot here, if you want.

Fall Guys isn't their only game, mind. They also did the remake of Hatoful Boyfriend, committed the Picross crimes of Murder By Numbers, helped on Fable Fortune, and have a decade of browser games.

But what's this about a spa? Here come Leamington facts:

  • Like Bath, Tunbridge Wells, Epsom, and other towns with wet-sounding names, Leamington Spa was famed for the supposed medicinal benefits of its mineral waters.
  • Like Tunbridge Wells and Epsom, Leamington Spa is one of those spa towns where, if pressured to point to it on a map, you'd probably gesture broadly at the southern half of England. Just sounds like it, doesn't it? You'd not be wrong, but it's more northerly than you might think: close to Birmingham.
  • Leamington Spa is actually Royal Leamington Spa, because Queen Victoria visited once and said it was cool.
  • Leamington Spa is not the birthplace of that nice coconut sponge cake. You're thinking of the lamington, which is Australian.
  • The famous spa at the Royal Pump Room And Baths closed years back but the new town swimming pool does have a bendy slide, so that's something.
  • God, I'd murder a lamington.

Mediatonic this week also announced the theme of their daft It's A Knockout-y gameshow's next season. It's a seasonally-appropriate ice-o-rama named Winter Knockout:

Icy escapades in artwork for the Fall Guys winter season, Winter Knockout.

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