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Fall Guys season 2 will get medieval on your ass in October

New levels, new cosmetics

A whole lot of medieval foolishness with knights, dragons, castles, and drawbridges is coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with season 2 in October. Developers Mediatonic today gave a small peek at what's to come and yeah, it looks like more Fall Guys - which the main thing Fall Guys needs, really, just more of itself.

"In season 2 you'll be dressing your Fall Guy as a medieval hero and competing across brand new rounds inspired by epic quests from the middle ages," lead designer Joe Walsh explains. "Traverse giant drawbridges, dodge swinging axes, and scale moveable siege ramps in the quest for ultimate game show glory."

The levels with bits of scenery you can shove around do look like they could be great/infuriating. With developers Mediatonic working on blocking cheaters, all Fall Guys really needs beyond that is a steady stream of new levels. Fall Guys loses its novelty as people perfect levels, optimise paths, and stop mucking about, so a steady injection of new awful ways to doom yourself would be grand. New hats and emotes are a bonus too, mind.

Fall Guys is £16/€20/$20 on Steam, where it has shifted over seven million copies. That's a lot of falling-over. Though I do still wish they'd kept the name Stumble Chums.

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