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February 2014 Archive

    1. S.EXE: Tale of Tales' FATALE (NSFW)
    2. Shoot 'Em Upside-Down: Orbital Gear
    3. Would You Like A Wildstar Beta Key? We've Got 700
    4. Repair Facility: Three Hours With Renegade-X
    5. NONONOAIIIIIEEEE - Habitat Is Gravity: The Strategy Game
    6. A Game And A Chat - Divinity: Original Sin's Divine Depth
    7. Organism Grinder: Nowhere Is Evolving
    8. Wot I Think: The Yawhg
    9. Board To Death: OlliOlli Coming To PC
    10. The Flare Path: On The Ho Chi Minh Trail
    11. US Tax Plan Singles Out Makers Of 'Violent Videogames'
    12. It's The RPS 20,001st Post Spectacular!
    13. Er, What? - Fearless Fantasy Is A Gestural Comedy RPG
    14. Party Like It's 1998: BioShock Burial At Sea's Thief-Like Mode
    15. Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 Shambling Free Next Week
    1. Week in Tech: Proprietary PC Tech and Nvidia
    2. Alternatingly Current - Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect
    3. Wot I Think - Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall
    4. Head Games: Ether One Only One Month Away
    5. Cat And Mouse: A Tale Of Magicka - Wizard Wars
    6. Desktop Despots: Tropico 5 Beta Begins Next Month
    7. Skara: The Blade Remains Offers 16-Player Melee Combat
    8. Real-Based? Turn-Time? - Ex-Pixeljunkers' Nova-111
    9. What's Nether All About, Then?
    10. Bane Of Kain: Nosgoth Closed Beta Begins Today
    11. Developer Discounts: Steam Sales Are Changing
    12. Afterbirth - X: Rebirth Adds Some Requested Features
    13. Rustclad Is A Handsome Handmade Point-And-Clicker
    14. Zoom Zoom Splat: Trials Fusion Out In April
    1. Wot I Think - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
    2. You Should Be Watching This Gods Will Be Watching Trailer
    3. Nod And Smile: C&C-Inspired FPS Renegade-X Released
    4. ZeldaVR Ports The NES Original To First-Person Oculus Rift
    5. Disregarding Super Hexagons: Into The Box
    6. Warehouse & Logistics Simulator Is On Steam, Easy To Mock
    7. The Saga Continues: King Abandons 'Candy' TM In US
    8. Beneath A Crimson Sky: BOMB Available Now
    9. Titans, Fallen - Risen 3: Titan Lords
    10. Titanfall To Take Up Titanic Amounts Of Hard Drive Space
    11. Pillows Plumped: Back To Bed Receives Backing
    12. Reap For The Picking: Diablo III's Huge Loot 2.0 Patch Live
    13. Probe Bono Publico: South Park Censored, But Not On PC
    1. Cardboard Children - Discworld: Ankh-Morpork
    2. Tablets Goeth Before, But: Deus Ex: The Fall Coming To PC
    3. Wot I Think: Strider
    4. Another Nail In The Coffee: Caffeine
    5. Hands On: Men Of War Assault Squad 2
    6. Orcs vs Marinesies: Warhammer 40,000 Storm of Vengeance
    7. Rezzed '14: Alien, Dreamfall, Volume, DayZ + Much Stuff
    8. War That Rises From The Ashes Of War: EndWar Online
    9. Where's An Egg? Is The Best Game About Being A Detective
    10. Double Fine's Unused 'Bad Golf 2' Idea Being Made By Fans
    11. Here's That Arma 3 Dinosaur Mod You've Been Asking For
    12. Starbound To Revamp Progression, Add Farming (!)
    13. Star Citizen's Biggest Goal Yet: A Procedural Gen Team
    14. Mod Removes Grim Fandango Tank Controls, World Cheers
    15. Finally, A Game In Which You Play As The Monty Python Foot
    1. The RPS Chatroom - Elite: Dangerous Alpha
    2. Springing Into Spring: Divinity - Original Sin
    3. Sly: Tango Fiesta Is 'Rambo - The Alternative Videogame'
    4. Cellmates: Team 17 To Publish The Escapists
    5. Side Splitting: Fractured Soul Coming To PC
    6. Thief's Loading Tips Offer Sage Advice For Us All
    7. Hands On - Wolfenstein: The New Order
    8. Wot I Think: Thief
    9. Maybe Stop Betting On Duke: Gearbox Suing 3D Realms
    10. Stand Alone: Dean Hall To Leave Bohemia And DayZ
    11. United State Of Amerish: Planetside 2
    12. Gang Beasts Is A Physics-Driven Jelly Baby Brawler
    13. Wallet Reaver: Nosgoth's Pricey Microtransactions
    14. NIKO: Through The Dream Looks Like Myst Meets Journey
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Sadomasoglitch
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Twitch Plays With Your Head: Daylight's Streaming Screams
    2. Broken Age Act II Already Funded, Claims Double Fine
    3. Rise And Stream: Watch Us Chatter Over (Ugh) Rambo
    1. Impressions - Elite: Dangerous Alpha
    2. The Only Winning Move: Wargame: Red Dragon Trailer
    3. CS: GO Operation Phoenix Rises With 8 Fan Voted Maps
    4. Survival Friends: Project Zomboid Multiplayer Enters Beta
    5. Keen Arrow: Towerfall Lands March 11
    6. WW2 2: Men of War Assault Squad 2 Early Access
    7. Would Like To Know More: Infested Planet Lands March 6th
    8. Attention, London: RPS Social Club This Weekend
    9. The Flare Path: Bombs
    10. Waste Not, Want Now: Wasteland 2 'In The Final Stretch'
    11. 7Framed Is A Multi-Perspective Triple-Indie Murder Mystery
    12. FWI: Delirious Bird Is The Best Flappy Bird Clone
    13. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate BIFFZOTTING-ing PC
    14. "Definitive" Director's Cut for Strike Suit Zero
    1. Week in Tech: Nvidia's Mighty New Maxwell Graphics
    2. Hard To Read: Book of Unwritten Tales 2
    3. Fullbright On Life After Gone Home, Their Next Game
    4. Hexcells And Hexcells Plus Now Available On Steam
    5. Impressions: Drunken Robot Pornography
    6. Glitchspace Looks Way Smarter Than Me
    7. Galactic Princess, Ultimate General, 48 More Greenlit
    8. Wurm Online Offline: Puts Out Bounty To Catch DDoSsers
    9. Wot I Think: Ikaruga
    10. Valve: The Movie Coming To A Steam Near You In March
    11. Finally: Square Realizes Final Fantasies Should Be On PC
    12. Sacred 3 To Begin Angelically Headchopping This Summer
    13. This Means War: WoW's Level 90 Boost To Cost $60
    14. Subtle Knives: Democracy 3 - Social Engineering
    1. Citizens On Patrol: Arnold Tsang's APB
    2. Attack Of The Clones: FTL Advanced Edition Update Detailed
    3. Jacking Into The Matrix: EVE And Oculus' Utopian Dreams
    4. Soothing Breeze: Windborne Early Access
    5. Wot I Think: Journal
    6. A Boat For Pigs: Monstrum
    7. Mein Gott: Wolfenstein Preorders Secure DOOM Beta Access
    8. ReNinja: Strider Leaps In Today
    9. Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight Is Go, Livestreamed
    10. Hands-on: Titanfall Beta
    11. It Came: From The Depths
    12. What's Yours Is Charity's: Humble Indie Bundle 11
    13. Tearin' Up My: Heart&Slash Now On Kickstarter
    14. Space Team: Kingdom Come And Star Citizen Collaborating
    15. Open For Business: The Last Door Season One Ends
    1. Cardboard Children - Caverna: Game Of The Year 2013
    2. Wot I Think: Banished
    3. Harmonix's Chroma: A Musical FPS Aiming To Do F2P Right
    4. Ken Levine "Winding Down Irrational Games", Lays Off Staff
    5. Something For The Weekend: Wildstar Beta Key Giveaway
    6. Gabe Newell Responds To Valve Anti-Cheat Spying Rumours
    7. A Glitch In Time: DEIOS
    8. 2 Years After Release, Dear Esther Moves To A New Engine
    9. What To Play Instead Of Candy Crush Saga
    10. Avuncular Return: A Story About My Uncle, Soon For A Buck
    11. Slaves To The Rhthym: Galactic Princess Kickstarter
    12. Into The Dark: Year Walk Strolling Onto Steam
    13. Apparently We Won't Hear About Fallout 4 For 'A While'
    14. Bullet Swell: Tower Of Guns Is A Randomised FPS
    1. The Injustice Engine: Cruelty And Murder In DayZ
    2. Penetrating Insight: Sniper Elite 3 Killcam Dev Diary
    3. Wot I Think: Pandora - First Contact
    4. Final Chapter: Eschalon Book III Out, Demo Available
    5. No Longer Silent: Ten Minutes Of The Witness
    6. La-Mulana 2 Hits Kickstarter Goal, Buys Developer Curry
    7. Killer Is Dead To Live Again On PC
    8. No Sound, Some Fury: 17 Minutes Of Thief's First Mission
    9. StarCrawlers Kickstarter Scuttles Halfway Towards Goal
    10. Tabletop Simulator Makes Me So Happy
    11. Thy Name Is Douchebag: 13 Mins Of South Park
    12. Wants Some Greenlight Lovin'
    13. Thought Bubbles: Inside Kingdom Come: Deliverance's AI
    14. Back To Bay-Sick: Transformers - Rise Of The Dark Spark
    1. The Sunday Papers
    2. Live Free Play Hard: Pastel Puppy Dream World
    3. Time For New Passwords: Kickstarter Hacked
    1. Apologies With A Capital EA: Dungeon Keeper Free On GOG
    2. Better? Maybe? - You Can Now Report Abusive Steam Tags
    3. You Scream, I Scream, RPS Streams: Titanfall
    1. S.EXE: Matches and Matrimony
    2. Amnesia Fortnight: Four Pitches Advance To Prototype Stage
    3. Hands-On: Intruder
    4. Rising: Dead State's Early Access Release
    5. Another Life, Another Time: Far Cry 2 Revisited
    6. A Throng Of Fire And Ice: Bound By Flame
    7. There Is A Flappy Bird MMO Because Of Course There Is
    8. Remember The Titans? B4's Naval Assault's DLC Does
    9. The Flare Path: Golden Ladder, Silver Rope
    10. CCP Taking Cues From DayZ, Rust For World Of Darkness
    11. Outerlands, Six-Part Documentary Hits Kickstarter Target
    12. Noir Syndrome Is A Procedurally Generated Murder Mystery
    13. A Real Cut Up: Hellraid's First-Person Sword Shenanigans
    14. Pretty Sneaky, Styx - Styx: Master of Shadows' First Trailer
    1. Cardboard Children: Cadwallon - City Of Thieves
    2. King Of The Mods: Arma 3 Zeus DLC Let's You Play As A DM
    3. Wot I Think: Jazzpunk
    5. Warren Spector Done With Triple-A, Not Done With Games
    6. Explore Every Corner Of The Universe: PlanetsĀ³
    7. Project CARS Projects New Trailer, 2014 Release Date
    8. The Blackwell Epiphany Will Be The Last In The Series
    9. Respawn On Titanfall's PC Version, Modding, DLC
    10. Steaming Pile: Steam Tags Added To Steam Beta
    11. Sesame Street Wins The Flappy Bird Clone Game
    12. With Lofty Aims: Ascendant
    13. Rain World Pup Trailer Is DEVASTATINGLY Adorable
    14. That Was Quick: Steam Boss No Longer At Microsoft
    1. The RPS Verdict: Double Fine's Broken Age, Act 1
    2. Descent Is 19 Tomorrow, And On Steam Today
    3. Satan Vs Dracula: Castlevania - Lords Of Shadow 2 Demo
    4. Sigh: Oculu File Trademark Dispute Against Oculus Rift
    5. Video Impressions: Titanfall's Beta
    6. Nothing To Hide Is A Very Smart Anti-Stealth Game
    7. Bromantic: Devolver To Publish Broforce
    8. Mind The Gap: Chasm Resurfaces
    9. Hands-On: Age Of Wonders III
    10. Winter Is Coming: Pillars Of Eternity Pushed To End Of 2014
    11. Flap, Jacked - Terry Cavanagh's Maverick Bird
    12. Emotional Baggage Handler: Darkest Dungeon
    13. Garrett Expectations: Another Thief Trailer
    14. Smartitecture: NaissanceE Release Trailer
    1. Still Not On The Road To Kentucky Route Zero Act III
    2. Blue Sky Fragging: Sky Rogue
    3. Far Cry Classic Is An Updated Version Of The Original
    4. Gruff Trade: Goat Simulator Becomes A Reality This Spring
    5. Microsoft Really, Really Is Into PC This Time, Apparently
    6. Debris! Hurry! >Adr1ft Is Basically Gravity: The Game
    7. Hunted By A Freak: Evolve Baits Us With A Trailer
    8. EA Defends BF 4, SimCity Launch Efforts, Discusses Future
    9. The Pointy End Of Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Combat
    10. Hands On With Evolve, The Monster-Bullying Simulator
    11. Parts & Labour: Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Demo
    12. Snatcher Devs Launch Steampunk Adventure Kickstarter
    13. Bossy Boots: Lords Of The Fallen Footage
    14. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Smooch 'Em Robots: Heart&Slash
    15. Zomb-B-Gone: The Undead Removed From Rust
    1. Wot I Think: The LEGO Movie Videogame
    2. Sneak A Peek At Project Stealth
    3. IndieGala Interstellar Bundle Contains Some Stars
    4. How Have We Never Posted About Classroom Aquatic?
    5. By All Means, Watch This Hour Of Nosgoth Footage
    6. Rock, Paper, Shotgun Officially Rules Against Teaser Trailers
    7. Make Vroom For World Of Speed
    8. Dying Light Trailer Is A Big Smelly Tease
    9. German Court Rules Against Rights To Resell Steam Games
    10. Rush For Glory Offers Traditional Tower Defending
    11. Believe It Or Not: New Alien: Isolation Screenshots
    12. ZOMFG: OMG HD Zombies Getting PC Overhaul
    13. Warner Prioritizing DLC Over Fixing Arkham Origins' Bugs
    14. Infinity Engine 2.0: Torment To Use Eternity Tech
    1. Live Free Play Hard: So Many Hell Sectors So Little Time
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Hands-On: Stranded
    2. Gouraud Shading In The Myst: Myst Remake Gets Remade
    3. New Angle: Catapult For Hire Turns To Kickstarter
    4. World of Warcraft Still Pulls A Crowd
    5. You'd Better Call (Of Duty) The Sledgehammer (Games)
    6. Autobots Rock'n'Roll Out: Transformers Universe
    7. Hands On: The First Few Hours Of Elder Scrolls Online
    8. Sticker Bomb: CS:GO's New Update Adds Gun Stickers
    9. The Flare Path: Always Bagrational
    10. Arcen Return To Space: The Last Federation
    11. Free Civ V Expansionette, + New SuperMegaComplete Pack
    12. Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Offers 31 New Double Fine Pitches
    13. Let There Be: Child Of Light Out April 30
    1. Week In Tech: I Dream Of Steam Streams
    2. Thoughtful Updates: Telepath Tactics
    3. Wot I Think: rymdkapsel
    4. Mechin' A Move: Hawken Stomps Onto Steam
    5. An Hour In The: SNOW Alpha
    6. Hands On: Vertiginous Golf
    7. Space Pirates And Zombies 2 Announced, Still A Bad Name
    8. Transformers: Universe MMO Transforms Into "MOTA"
    9. Hands-In: Loading Human
    10. FRACT Should Finally Be With Us In The Next Few Months
    11. Assassin's Creed IV: Freedom Cry Will Stand Alone
    12. Sinister Is A Haptic Controller From Planet Cybertron
    13. Elite: Dangerous Enters Alpha 2.0 - Unleashes Multiplayer
    14. Biofeedback Form: Nevermind Wants To Scare You Better
    1. Phew: EVE Valkyrie Officially An Oculus Launch Title
    2. Total Recall: A Chat With Stephan Martiniere
    3. New Rain World Trailer As Beautiful As Previous Trailers
    4. The EverQuest Landmark Adventure You Might Never Have
    5. Within Striking: Distance Alpha Trailer Cuts To The Chase
    6. Iubes Is Shareware, Also A Kind Of Darwinian Minecraft
    7. Good Star(t): SOE On Next Game's Star Wars Heritage
    8. The Future of Starbound: Mods, Directors And PvP
    9. Wot I Think: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors
    10. Artificial Adventurers: Guild Of Dungeoneering
    11. Sparkling Sequel: Waves - Arena Tactics Hits Kickstarter
    12. Civilised: Humble Sid Meier Bundle
    13. Correction Regarding Strategy First
    14. Signs Of Life Has Signs Of Life, Such As MechaChickens
    15. Let Slip The Whals of Star: Starwhal Releases Very Soon
    1. Cardboard Children - Battlelore 2nd Edition
    2. Good, Strong: Cuphead Overflows With 1930s Cartoon Style
    3. The RPS Verdict: Nidhogg
    4. Survival RPG ReRoll Wants To Map (Most Of) The World
    5. In A Nanny State: Goat Simulator Alpha
    6. Element-Hell: Magicka Wizard Wars Adds Duel Mode
    7. Microsoft Has A New Boss, Tragically Not Called Mike O'Soft
    8. For A Song: MirrorMoon EP Expands, On Sale
    9. Oh, How It Pains Me To Do This: Kerbal's Starscream Mod
    10. Gear And Clothing: Kingdom Come - Deliverance
    11. 10000000+1: You Must Build A Boat
    12. Mechs For A Good Time: Matador Trailer
    13. Steam Music Will Soon Be A Thing You Can Have
    14. The PC Gaming Market Is Flipping Enormous
    1. Replaying Revengeance: Difficulty, Mastery And Fighting
    2. Gunpoint Creator Making Procedural Space Stealth Game
    3. Me, Myself And UI: Limit Theory
    4. Not So Quiet Riot: Prison Architect Update Adds An Armoury
    5. Fight Over The Monochrome Wrongscape Of Hunting Anubis
    6. Hyper Light Drifter Gets New Release Date, Is Not Hyper
    7. Space Party: StarCrawlers Swaps Dungeons For Derelicts
    8. Plane Sailing: Warlock II - The Exiled
    9. Editorial: Why Games Should Enter The Public Domain
    10. Build Your Own World In Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod
    11. Top-Down Trash Talk: Duke Nukem - Mass Destruction
    12. Cashtronauts Mixes Asteroids With Freelancer
    13. Superior Bowl: Beyond The Sideline Football
    14. Rumours Of Tough Times At Ghost Games, NFS On Hold
    1. Live Free Play Hard: Frantically Mashing Plastic Crotches Together
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. Wot I Think - Octodad: Dadliest Catch